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My Cats

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I never posted pictures of them when I joined, so since I had to join again I figured I would.




Astro & Starla

New Kitten (no name yet)

Kitten & Starla

Those are my babies!

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Oh wow! They're all so gorgeous! What kind of cats do you have (other than Starla being a Ragdoll, she looks so soft and beautiful!)? The kitten is cute!!
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Heather, Your babies are absolutely beautiful. I love the big comfy shoe How old are all of these precious wonders?
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Ullah was the kitten of a stray cat that lived around my mom's friend's house. I got her when she was about three weeks old and had to nurse her a few days. She is my baby and is now almost 5 years old. She's just a big black furball.

Starla is my ragdoll/siamese mix. Sweetest cat in the world. She is really soft and very loveable. She's about 8 months old now. I bought (rescued) her from a horrible pet shop that we were in to look at fish tanks. She was guaranteed to be healthy and even came with a free visit to a vet who said she was fine. The next day, we found out she had worms and a few fleas that we hadn't seen on her.

Astro is a rescue from another pet shop. They had a sign out saying they had a persian kitten but it had already been sold. Astro was just too cute to pass up. This pet store had a record from a vet and Astro came with his first shots but my vet found motile spiroketes in his stool, which was causing him to have diarrhea. He's getting close to five months now and is always next to me. He NEVER leaves me alone. He's pointed, so maybe he has some siamese in him.

Kitten we've had close to two weeks now. Haven't picked out a name yet. Some girls dumped her with our rescue group. They said she was a purebred siamese that they bought from a breeder but their older cat was beating her up. Don't know if I buy the story, but she's turning into a sweet cat. Still a little scared when you raise your hand to pet her, which leads me to believe she was hit. As far as I can guess, she between two and three months.

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Just a gorgeous family you have!!
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what a beautiful family you have! I hope the kitten feels more at home soon she's such a sweetheart! hope you pick out a name for her soon
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his Marks are a great deal like molly's (astros)

I think they're all beautiful
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Great looking bunch!
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Aww how cute, I love the new kitty sleeping with Starla!
Astro's marks are just like gordo. I know gordo's mom was a Siamese and his father was a white cat.
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