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I'm lonely

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I know this doesn't even compare to what others are going through right now, so let's not even get into that! But I still feel like complaining a bit, if you'll indulge me.

I haven't seen much of my husband in the last two weeks, and my kids have seen even less of him. I actually feel like a single mother (except I get to stay at home and not work!). Doug's company has a branch in NY just a few blocks from the disaster, so when they closed, his department at work had to do all of theirs too. So that week we didn't see him much. Plus I was deathly sick with strep, so when he was home, I was not able to talk to him. Then this last week, his company contracted that really bad computer virus. He's an IT manager, so he got to spend countless hours trying to get everyone back online. Plus, he ALWAYS goes to the gym after work, so that gets him home even later. Today he's at a power lifting competition so we won't see him again. I hope he does well, but I sure do miss him!

Plus, to top off this great week, my daughter's friend (he's almost 7) told her all about what happened in NY. She's only 4 (five next week) so we had just told her there was an accident and she didn't know people died. Well, Parker told her all the details, about both planes, buildings falling, people buring. My poor girl. She sobbed and sobbed. Little kids really take this to heart. She was so sad for the people that died and that were scared. I had to assure her time and again that no children were in the buildings when they fell. I didn't tell her about the children on the planes. Then she wanted to know why this happened. Since we're Christian, I told her that these bad men didn't love Jesus so they were able to do these terrible things. She said that they didn't have Jesus in their heart. She said "actually, they just have the devil in their heart." I thought that was about as accurate a reason as we can get. The faith of children is just amazing!
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I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to have 2 little childern to take care of, especially when dad has a whole going on that takes him away from home. You must be going stir crazy.

This disaster is taking hold in so many ways that we are still finding out how it is affecting our lives. By your husbands office having to pick up the slack from the NY office, he has to work longer and then isn't home as much. It's like the terrorists threw a rock in the water and we are watching the ripple effect. I think this country is starting to feel the emotional turmoil of the last 10 days. Our shock is wearing off and post traumatic stress disorder is setting in.

My boyfriend (of 4 years) is in the army, and I'm scared to death. Luckily he's not infantry, but there are no guarantees that he won't be sent away to work in a hospital at some post near the action. I am trying SO hard not to worry about this because it's out of my control, and I think I'm doing a pretty good job keeping it together. They had a meeting the other day and were told to 'get their :censor::censor::censor::censor: together' when I asked him what that meant, he said to have their wills done and updated, make sure they had their dogtags on them at all times (for indentifying bodies) and things like that. It's so hard to hear those things. I'm not posting this to 'compare' with you, I just know that I feel better when I hear what other people are going through, and you're post made me want to post. I think it's important to share what is going on in our lives, and I'm glad you shared what it going on in yours. It makes me feel like I'm not alone.

I've made some really good friends at this site and they have been an IMMENSE comfort to me through this. I hope you feel better getting that off your chest, because you're amoung friends here, and while sometimes things may get ugly for a second, basically everyone here is a good person, they are just dealing with thier own garbage.

hugs to you Dawn
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Things will get better. You just hang in there.
Start leaving notes in your hubby's jacket like,thinking of you and all the mushy stuff...
Your daughter sounds so precious!!
Wish I lived closer I'd go to the garage sale with ya!! Have fun shopping!!!

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Dawn and Airprincess :heart2

I feel for both of you, I really do...

Dawn, I have a husband who has a career that at times has had him working looooooong hours and away on trips.... I totally understand the missing the husband thing.

Airprincess,....I can sympathize your situation to a degree. My husband was near Ground Zero that day, and is still in shock. He had to go back to work in the same building in Manhattan. Now I am TERRIFIED that there will be another attack of some sort in NYC. So even though our situations are different, I understand the fear of loosing a loved one. My prayers are with you.

Dawn.... Maybe you could talk to your husband about spending a bit more time with you and the kids, have you spoken your feelings to him? Maybe he doesn't realize how much this has had an impact on you. Also, the kids are missing out on their daddy. Maybe you could point that out to him also. Of course you may have already done this.

I offer you both hugs and kisses :
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Thanks AP and Loretta.

One thing I'm tremendously thankful for is that Doug is not in the Army anymore. He was in the Army when we got married (10 years ago) but they cancelled his MOS. So he was able to get an Honorable Discharge after only 7 months of service and no reserve duty. I feel for you, AP, I really do. I was just telling Doug the other day how thankful I am he's not in the military anymore. The job that he had was setting up radio communications in the field. He had to go into the field with a radio truck and set up this really tall radio tower. In a time of war, the life expentancy of people in this job was only a few minutes. In other words, you can set up the tower and then die. Not pleasant. Then he got into sattelite communications, but they cancelled that.

The garage sale was fun though. The kids each got some more toys, like they need any. In fact, we're having our own garage sale here in a few weeks with the neighbors.
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Vjoy - Thankfully, Doug does realize that we miss him, and he misses us too. There's just not much he can do to get out of this work lately. He thinks next week will be better. I'm going to see if he can take next Friday off since it's Amy's birthday. It would be fun to spend her birthday together.
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