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Hello All...Again

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Hey everyone, I am really sorry to hear about the crash. I unfortunetly was one of the poor users who was erased. But you know what it's definitly ok because I really love this site......
While I was gone I had one heck of a medical situation with Emmet. He has almost dies twice in the last 2 weeks!!!! But he is doing a lot better now. It has been discovered that he has a very narrow urethra, and that he has a tendency to produce crystals and stones "down there". The vet has him on Amoxicillin and a special perscription food by "Hills" called S/D (or stone desolver)... Thankfully he loves the food. He was semi blocked yeasterday so we had to bring him back in, but hes been acting heathier then ever today. So keep your fingers crossed. Believe it or not hes lost 2 1/2 pounds in the whole ordel, though that weight was unhealthy fatness anyways. Also on a good not we didnt have any money to pay for all this treatment for Emmet so his vet let my boyfriend bartter his computer services as payment!!
Doofus and Mabby are doing great. Although mabby is in her stinky stage now .....lol
Well its good to be back, even if I have to start from scratch. I am just glad the site got back up at all
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Stinky stage? Welcome back anyway from a fellow sufferer
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Glad to hear Emmett could be helped with his bladder stones. We went through that in late October with a kitten. Barely 3 months and a bladder full of stones. the vet recommended he be put to sleep because his quality of life would not be very good.

Sigh, I was deleted, too.
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Glad to hear everything is working out OK.

Makes me wonder though what I could barter - with that really young, good-looking vet . . . . . .
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Hi and welcome back to the site!
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So glad to hear that Emmett is feeling better - please keep us updated on his progress
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stinky stage??
is she farting or what?? My kitty likes to stick his butt in my face and so i get those baby cleaners and wipe his butt coz it stinks..
He is telling me now to change the litter as he is opening the new pack.
WElcome back though
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Stinky stage...ya know....when there box visits stink up the house....and they get very laxadasical with cleaning them selves....Doofus and Emmet both went through it
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Glad you and your babies have returned, Bridget!I'm so sorry Emmett has been so ill.How wonderful that he is showing such great improvement! Please keep us updated how he is feeling!Thankful Doofus and Mabby are doing great!
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Hey, it's good to have you back... sorry to hear about Emmet but I'm glad he's doin better!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!! .........
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hi again glad your back too
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