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Can you tell I'm back?

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Man - I disappear for a few months and now I am back. I think I have posted enough in the past 2 days to make up for lost time. I really missed being here everyday, but work was nuts and I was having problems with my pregnancy, so I wasn't around for a while.

There are many new faces and I am looking forward to getting to know you all. I am happy to be getting back in touch with a bunch of old friends.

If I am posting too much let me know and I will slow down, but I have been saving some things up to post!
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Hi, I'm new! Well, I was here before the Crash but I survived it...

Anyway, it's nice to meet you! I'm sorry you were having problems with your pregnancy - is everything okay now?

Hope to see you around more!
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Thanks for the concern. Everything is fine now. Had to be on bed rest for a while with bad bleeding and then horrid back aches, but so far the 3rd trimester is the best so far!
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Adymare, it IS good to see you - and nah you can never post too much!
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Adrienne, you were sorely missed here! You always came up with such interesting "quizzes", and few members took up the slack while you were gone, the big exception being kittylover4ever. Also, many of us were concerned about how your pregnancy was going, since you'd had problems becoming pregnant in the first place. I for one am very relieved to hear that things are now going well. back!
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I wondered where you had got to and how everything was going. Glad you are up and about again.
Take good care
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aww welcome back
i hope everything will be fine with the baby
when is it due??
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YAY Adrienne WELCOME BACK so glad to see you
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Ady I was so happy to see you posting again! I've been wondering how the pregnancy is going, and I'm so happy to hear that you are in your third trimester already! Where did the time go?!?!
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How wonderful! Adrienne's back!
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Hi and welcome back to the site!
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Hi Ady!

Glad to see you back here! When's your due date? How are you feeling? got the nursery ready? Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?
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Originally Posted by Anne
Hi Ady!

Glad to see you back here! When's your due date? How are you feeling? got the nursery ready? Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?
Thanks everyone - I am glad to be back! I am due February 6th, so just about 8 weeks away. We are having a boy (at least that is what they told us). We are so excited. We just had our baby shower on the weekend and recieved many beautiful things. We haven't set up the nursery yet - we are waiting until closer to the date (we don't want the cats sleeping in the crib). It was painted a while ago so it is a lovely shade of yellow. We are going with a baby animal theme in the room. We can't seem to decide on a name, so I think we have decided to wait until we see him for the 1st time and hopefully something will just fit.

I will post some pics when the baby is born!
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