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cat meeting cat

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Ok day 4 I let them look at each other through the crack in the door.hissing and roxy ran alex stayed gave a mean look and growled.I put roxy in the bathroom she hissed at me.now alex is sitting on the couch with me garding the door.(she usually sleeps now) roxy is crying to get out.I am going crazy.But you were right today it is a little better.But very little.Any suggestions on when they should meet face to face without the door between them.Is their any chance alex would try to kill roxy.Alex is 12lb and 8 roxy is 7lb and 2.Both inside cats.Alex dosent even like to play fight with me but I am new at this.Do I have to worry about that or am I just being silly.This is killing me because I love them both so much.Thanks glen
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Hi Glen.

This article (click here) about introducing cats might help, and have you seen this thread?
Introducing a new cat to your old cat (click here)

I know you want everyone to get along as soon as possible, but introducing two adult cats takes time and patience. You need to take a step back & keep them completely separated from each other for at least a week or two, perhaps even a month. It seems like a long time, but it's well worth it to take the time they need for a successful introduction.

If there is a little crack under the door where they can smell each other, you'll know the time to introduce them is approaching when they seem curious about each other in a nonaggressive way - I opened the door & introduced mine after I noticed they would sniff each other under the door & try to play, and there was no longer any hissing or growling - just curiosity. For my cats, that took about a month - my cats are all seniors, and one is very territorial. It was tough keeping them confined to a room for so long, but it was well worth it in the end, because my territorial guy & my husband's cat now get along well, and even play together.

Make sure the cat that is in the other room gets plenty of attention too - smelling the other cat on your hands as they are being petted will help them to adjust to each other's scents.

Hope this helps.
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AlexandRoxy... I am in the same process with my kitties. Baby Skylar has now been here for 11 days. Ani, who has lived here for much longer, is just starting to take to the baby . It just takes some time.. I understand you feeling sad about it now, but like you said, it gets better
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Thanks for the reply I feel your pain.Good luck with the new kitten.I love when they are kittens.They have that look that only babys have.I can still see that look in alexs face once and a while roxy is only 2 so she looks that way all the time.You know the look is says I am just a litty kitty and I dont know any better.I will keep giving udates thanks again
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