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How long is too long? (Labor)

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My Maine Coon cat has had 3 litters previous to this one. The longest it's taken her to deliver from first kitten delievery to last kitten delivery was 30 hours. This litter, unlike the others, is extremely small - only 2 kittens in utero. She delivered the first one at 2:30 pm, on Sunday. It's now 10:00 am, on Tuesday - and she has yet to deliver #2. The kitten is still moving and does not feel like he/she is very large on palpation, and mother is doing fine - but no signs of final stage pushing. What can I do to help progress this before it's too late?
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You really need to take your cat to the vet so they can help her deliver it or something. I don't know much about it, but I'm pretty sure it's not good that the other has been inside for so long. Please take her to the vet.
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Just came back from the vet, and she said mother is doing fine - baby (the in-utero one) is still alive and moving appropriately. The vet thinks the first one was spontaneously birthed from the one chamber, and the other chamber hasn't ruptured yet. Since there are no leaking fluids, temperature normal, etc...I took her home to wait for a normal birth. However, if movement decreases - or if mother starts labor and is unable to pass the kitten or becomes distressed I'll take her back in, otherwise - she told me to wait. Has anyone ever had a similar experience?
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First of all THANK YOU, for taking your cat to the vet!!!!! You can't imagine the number of people who will post a problem with thier pet, and when the answer is "Take your cat to the vet", they don't until it is absolutely the last minute...

Yes, I there are times when a mother can deliver a kitten or kittens, and then wait another 24 hours until going into labor again and having either another one, or another group. I know personally of a mamma cat who delivered 2 kittens one day, then another each day for 4 days, they all lived except the very last one.

The thing is that you have to make sure the Mom isn't in active labor for that long.

Again, I'm glad to know you went to the vet and all is well.

thanks for letting us know!
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I am SO happy that everything is okay at this point. You did the right thing by taking her in to be checked out. Please keep us updated on your little momma!!!
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We had that happen to our cat. She was only having 2 kittens. One was born just fine on a Wed. morning. Took her to the vet when the second didnt come (mom wasnt laboring anymore) and they said wait. We waited. called the vet. Wait somemore. They thought about inducing her or x-raying her but decided to just have us wait and since she was healthy and acting normal they figured everything was fine. The second kitten was born the following Saturday evening and was dead. Please keep VERY close watch of your momma cat. We never had any signs that there was something wrong besides the length of time. We stayed in close contact with the vet and the mom remained healthy and acting normal. The second kitten was born very quickly and we are uncertain if it was dead when it was born or died after. Warm wishes sent your way. Best of luck and keep a very close watch. I hope to hear good news soon!
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Well, shortly after posting the last message, I had to run to pick my children up from school. By the time we got back, she had the other baby. I guess the car ride, and vet check stressed her back into labor - as she must have popped that one out right after I left. I had a feeling that everything would be okay, since I still felt fetal movement and mother was doing great - but I had to take her to the vet just to make sure we didn't have a dead one in there along with the live one. Out of the many litters I've birthed - this was the first one where labor completely stopped for 48 hours. I had one queen who had complications due to a overly large kitten - but other than that - all my litters have luckily been event free. Thanks for all the responses.
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so, was the late kitty alive?
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Can we please have an update?
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Sorry for the late response - yes, mother and babies are doing fine. In fact, they are as healthy as one could wish for.
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Oh that's excellent Michelle. Any pics?
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