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Hey Nebula
... Thank for visiting Yes, he really is something else

His tail is still bandaged But that won't stop him from getting his mousie

This is the first day that Skylar and Ani met.. Unfortunately, it was one of the only times they spent together ..

He doesn't seem to enjoy this toy ever since panic mouse came home

Loves his bags A boy after my own heart
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I love its markings
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awwww, i just caught up with this thread! Skylar is growing into such a big boy so quick. And you have captured some great pictures of him! I know these past few months have been tough for your because of your Trent and Ani but everyone is right, everything happens for a reason and Skylar was definitely brought into your life so that you would not have to be left alone. I hope your and your baby Skylar have a wonderful christmas together!
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OOF! What a cute baby!! I love it when kittens "get tough" with their toys.
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He sure looks like a handful!
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Oh my, Skylar, you're so precious, precious, precious!!! I love him more everytime I see him, Lauren!
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oh, I am sooooo in love, what a little ham
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Oh Lauren he's so sweet! That one with the bag is brilliant! Hde certainly is an angel sent from heaven for you
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What a cutie pie! He looks a lot like Thomas. I'm so sorry that he didn't get to know your other babies......but I hope that he will be able to bring you many years of love and happiness.

Merry Christmas to you!
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Thank you so much, everyone Yes, Captiva, he can be quite the little handful , and it's simply wonderful.
He is getting BIG so fast, isn't he Berylayn. I met his mom when I adoped Sky. She is absolutely gorgeous Actually, I have been trying to call the shelter to see if she has been adopted yet. I haven't been able to get in touch with anyone yet. I am not sure if I would be able to take in another right now, but I would just love to be able to bring her home. I am pretty sure she has been adopted at this point.. I do hope she is with a wonderful family

"Hmm.. I am not sure what else to play with right now.."
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Yay, what a great xmas gift - may pics of baby Skylar!

How cool would that be to bring his mom home with you if she hasn't been adopted out. And if she has, well I'm sure she's with a superb family!

My friend (lexilou on TCS) adopted her kittens sister a few months after she got her first kitten because the sister has not been adopted yet. She absolutely adores having both of them.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your baby!
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My Ani and Trent are brother and sister too. They were of the same litter, but I never met their mommy or dad. They didn't come live with me until they were around 5 months old Such Precious Babies

They were about 5 years old here

Skylar was born on August 29, 2004
His Mom had given birth to him when she was already in the shelter. When I adopted him, he was there with his brother too. His brother was already being adopted, which I was thankful for. I wouldn't have wanted to leave him alone there. Usually if there are 2 cats together, I prefer them to stay with each other, unless each has been adopted by sweet families

Sky.. Today on Christmas! Just chillin'

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Lauren, Trent and Ani were so lucky to have you as a mom for their time here. They look like brother and sister! The markings on their face are so similar. Twins! And Skylar is lucky to have you now. That's good that his brother went to a good home.

Ebony came to us at 10 weeks as a stray. She was most likely the runt of her litter left behind. In the beginning I only wanted one kitten, but now I do kinda wish Eb has a brother or sister to keep her company.

Merry Xmas once again to both you and Sky. He seems to be enjoying his first Christmas with you!
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Aw Lauren, I'm so glad you posted more pictures of Sky - he's just gorgeous. He's getting to be such a big boy, and so handsome too! Almost 4 months old - wow! Can't wait to watch him grow up!
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Trent and Ani, you're so beautiful and cherished in our hearts forever!
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Oh, Skylar, you precious baby boy!
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Hey Everyone.. Thanks so much for saying such beautiful things about my babies

I had to come on and just tell you that after reading about the Christmas presents last night, I went on ebay to see if I could win one of those beautiful towers. I DID! I remember Chixy saying that she went on ebay and got a wonderful deal on a tree house Well, Skylar's 4 month birthday is arriving very soon , so I checked ebay and sure enough... A beautiful 57" tower was won by ME ! I will try and post the photos as soon as I can. Also, we won the fresh flow drinking water fountain ..... And... A new tent for him to play inside As soon as it arrives, you will get to see all Skylar's birthday presents.. Ooooh.. I am too excited.. Let's hope he is

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Yay congrats on winning that! Skylar's a lucky guy!
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Just look at your beautiful spoiled little boy, Lauren!Way to go, winning Skylar's fantastic new presents!
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Baby Skylar is such a little sweetie!!!! More pics! More pics!
And thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures of Trent and Ani they were beautiful furbabies!
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Very Cute
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Skylar is such a handsome boy! I'm sure he will bring you such joy and the two of you will share many happy years together.
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Baby Skylar is so adorable, he is a cutie.
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Originally Posted by AniSkyofTrent

Wow, They were so beautiful. I always get an empty feeling in my heart when I see their pics for some reason.
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Awww! Skylar is just precious, I just want to snuggle him, he's adorable!
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This beautiful little munchkin scared the bazoogas out of his mommy today. It was, once again, another trip to the vet Skylar was constipated He wasn't eating his food, only his treats.. NO GOOD There was no poo in his diaper box for over 24 hours, so I brought him in today. As soon as we got there, the doctor gave Skylar a handful of "special diet food" (not exactly what I would like him to be eating, but as long as he IS eating, that's fine)
Of course, Skylar ate the WHOLE THING ! We get home and he went poo twice already
You know, this is all just nuts, absolutely nuts ! I need a break All I want is for my little rascals to be healthy and happy. I do everything I can for them, and its just become so hard to stay positive.. I really need to get into a stronger state of mind.

The Little Rascal

Way Too Precious..
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Aw look how cute he is. I'm sorry he scared you... he's just keeping his momma on her toes! And how can you resist those little paws...
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Ari .. Isn't he just the sweetest.. Haha, he certainly is keeping mommy on his toes...
Skylar: King of the Palace .. No doubt about that
His paws are precious, aren't they. When he stands, the lines on his paws match up just like a little lion. Big paws, just like Trent
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He is the sweetest! I'm determined to take a trip to NY and when I do, I'm stopping by for snuggles from him! And his pads and little nose are the cutest color... I've never noticed that... Baylee's are a light pink.

By the way - did the vet every say why he hadn't been eating? Just not in the mood that day?
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OMG! What a sweetie-pie! I don't think I'd be able to leave home with this baby around!

Originally Posted by AniSkyofTrent
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