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I didn't survive either!

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Not only did I not survive the crash, but I've had the devil's own job trying to re-register. I've been trying on and off for a whole morning. I re-registered, no problem, then went out and tried to get back on later. It wouldn't accept my user name and password. I e-mailed for a "reminder" (though I hadn't forgotten at all), but when I kept getting the new passwords (oh yes, I did it lots of times), I clicked on the link and it kept telling me that as it was over 24 hours old it wasn't going to let me. But it wasn't over 24 hours old .... it had only just been requested, sent to me and acted upon!!! Hiss ..... spit ....!

(Walks away and takes two minutes to cool off). Perhaps I confused the whole system by making repeated requests for passwords when they wouldn't work. I got all sorts of messages about filling in the wrong form (?), then I was banned from the site for 15 minutes Anyway, I've done it now All I was doing was trying hard to get back to my favourite forum.

While all this was going on what were my kitties up to? I went in the kitchen and smelled a familiar pong coming from where the litter tray is. Went to it - it was beautifully clean. Went back to PC puzzled, thinking my nose was playing tricks. Smell continued to assault my olfactory organs. Eventually I returned to the litter tray, still clean, but saw puzzling scattering of litter on the floor in the pantry next door. I eventually tracked down the source of the pong - (one of the kittens as Raffles is too big - and I don't know which!) has climbed into the bag of cat litter (presumably making the opening bigger in order to do so) and poo pooed inside the bag!!! Durr!!???
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Oh no, sorry it took you so long to get back, and sorry that you were one of the ones (like me) who had to start over! It's good to have you back though, !
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Welcome back from us in Sarajevo!
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I'm sorry you encountered this problem.

I am going to move this to feedback- so people who may be able to give you an answer why this occurred can-
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Hi Jan and welcome back! My guess would be that every time you emailed for a new password, your password got reset. So that by the time you were entering it, the system was already resetting what it had for next time. Does it make any sense? Computers...
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Please don't worry, I'm really not cross or upset or anything! I was just worried at the time that I would never get back on - especially when they said I was banned for 15 mins!! It felt like being made to stand in the corner for "time out" in school!
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Well, I made it back, but it says the last time i visited was on June 24th and half of my posts have been lost
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Awwww another recycled kitten
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!
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On behalf of all of us who didnt survive the crash...I am glad you got back
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