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My Boys love each other!

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I couldn't help but post this picture
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Awwwww.... I just had my colleague (also a cat-lover) come over look at that picture. We both admired it!
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Awwwww thats brotherly love alright!
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AWWWWWW, that is such a sweet picture!!!
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That is too precious for words! I just love orange cats and black cats! Thank you for sharing
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Aw cute! It sure does look like they love each other!
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Awww, cute, cute, cute......I wish my 3 would do that!!
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Mine two Persians adore each other as well. The groom each other and play with each other...
Their picture together is on "love is in the air" thread.
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awww how sweet!
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Thanks guys! The boys may look peaceful in that picture, but they aren't always like that, half the time they are sweet angels, and the other half...little demons lol
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Your babies are too cute Iben! You would never catch Zoey & Saki sleeping cuddled up like that
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Aww they look so cute sleeping together!!!!
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Some more cuddle pictures!

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How cuuuuute!! They are so adorable together like that!!
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I just love photos like these - thankyou so much for sharing this!!!
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That's so durn ADORABLE!!! I want your kitty-cats!!

Why don't my girls cuddle together like that? They're litter mates.
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Molly and Penelope snuggled a bit when they were kittens but no so much anymore.
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