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My boss is back from her hols and has just been in contact with me by telephone. Wanted to know when I was going to be back She asked if I knew what was wrong, advised her that I had no idea until Thursday when I am going into hospital for the specialist to try and ascertain whats up. She then corrected me by telling me I have an appointment and am not going in - ok fair enough - wrong words. Advised that as soon as I know whats wrong, then so will she and she demanded a phone call for me to tell her.
She then proceeded to tell me that as I have been off a few weeks, I am now classed as long term sick and I will need a visit from her and a senior officer. This has put the fear of god into me and scared the heck out of me as well and am now getting sick with worry over the office. Its bad enough having headache all the time and this now makes it worse.
Anyway, I knew the call would come sooner or later, just did not expect it to be so uncaring.
Feel worse now than I did and thats saying something......
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Is it a big company you work for such as the water board etc..
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oh Kev - that must make you feel awful - I am sorry to hear that this happened. Its just awful how some people are just so inconsiderate about things.

oh and how did that cross stitch go btw?
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OH Kev, your boss is such a heartless, cold and uncaring old bat!! To caller a swine would be insulting to pigs all over the planet. Even my brother. She needs such a serious wake-up call. If I were you, I'd be getting in touch with ACAS ( Everything these days is geared in favour of the employee - and pretty much anything an employer does that is out of line, you can get them for. Advise her that you're in touch with ACAS, and you'll be surprised how much her attitude might change. I don't think she has the right to visit you with a senior officer - that strikes me as odd. You can get her for anything she does, that isn't physically written into your contract. Personally, I think you've got good grounds for a case against her - hey I'd try for all the compensation as you can get, seeing as she's making your condition less easy to bear. She definitely needs the wake-up call as far as your rights are concerned. If you like, I can do some looking-up for you kev, take a bit of weight off your shoulders. Don't you worry about her, she's nothing but a stuffy old biddy with nothing better to do than persecute the afflicted, simply because that's where she gets her power-trip from. And if she tries anything, throw the book at her. ACAS will get you legal representation and all the rest of it. Go for it Kev! Too many people these days just sit back and let it happen, and that's why so many employers get away with being complete a**es to their staff. Give her what-for. I'd gladly do it for you!!
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Kev, this woman needs to be stopped. I simply cannot believe that it is legal for an employer to treat you like this, in this day in age. I am so sorry that she is doing this to you, and I wish your only focus could be on caring for yourself. Please let us know what the diagnosis is on Thursday.
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she is the worst schlampe ive ever heard of!!
I mean my boss was mean but he didnt even want to come to my place!!!
It sounds to me she is only a nosey old crimpled pimple!
If she is coming to your house to check up on you she is probably only looking to see what ou have in ur house. and then she might fire you!
I bet shes one of those old ugly women with full on make up and a ridiculus hairstyle!! like you know whats that woman from the dalmations movie?? that wanted to steal all the dogs... Pitulia or something yeah!
Or lets say snow whites WITCH! yeah thats what your boss is!
she will lose in the long run anyway
since youre snow white

can you tell ive watched some kiddy movies lately??
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That's really horrible! Surely there must be something you can do... LilleKat seems to know what she's talking about so hopefully you'll be able to find some way to get your boss to back off! Sorry there's not much more I can offer... but good luck and keep us updated!
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I got clever and contacted one of the bosses that I know and of whom anything said is in confidence. I know a heck of a lot of things about her and her problems of which I have helped her out a number of times and been there for her. Anyway, she called me on a none recordable phone and we had a chat. The facts are - that we have kept the office fully in touch with the chap who was deputising in my boss' abscence. Therefore, they know whats going on at all stages.
They are aware that I have to goto hosp this week and that I was going the other week when was advised that the hosp had lost power and elec and could not see me. The gp gave me more tablets.
The company has a new sickness procedure that means if you are off after 4 weeks, then its classed as long term sick. Fair enough.
The fact that a visit to me or me going to them is necessary is part of the new procedure. Its supposed to be a caring visit (huh- care - not had a call, letter, nothing in the time I have been off and not a word of consideration. Only things said have been when we called them) and to see how I am and if there is anything that they can do.
As long as the doctor has stated that I am not to return to the office, they cannot do a thing. If i was to go back and was / continued to be ill with headache and something happened, the company is not covered insurance wise.
Basically, my colleague has told me to stop panicking. The guy is not a senior officer, hes a chap thats the same pay grade as my manager and is there to ensure people are not swinging the lead and to help in any way that they can.
So thats it - wish I could stop worrying.
I need the hosp to give me a firm diagnosis on Thursday and then I can go and move on from there.
Strange thing is, once I put the phone down with my boss, I felt even worse. That says something and makes me more adamant that I want that new position so desperately away from the place I work for now. They are fully aware of my head at the moment and that things are in place to have the problems resolved.
Take a deep breath and screammmmmmm
thanks for being there guys
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Kev, you gotta stop stressing. You haven't got enough hair to be able to afford to lose any more If this is new procedure, you should ahve had official notification of it... i.e. a letter, new contract, something. The fact that your company isn't insured says a lot - they could really be taken to town over it. You need that new position and to get away form that place asap. But for now, keep your feet up (enjoy some quality time off - hell, I would!!) and just you fret about looking after yourself. Whatever the specialist says on Thursday, let us know. We're all rooting for you.
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Kev you know what I think from the last e-mail. For every evil witch there are tons of people in your corner. Don't let her get to you!
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There's always at least one like this in every big company, it would be nice if they never got into a position where they have power over anyone else, but strangely, they often do. I too think you need a new job. It sounds to me as though there are people/things to do with your work that are affecting your health. I have been in that situation, and was amazed at how good I felt when I got a different job, working with nice folk.
Good luck at the hospital.

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Originally Posted by fwan

ROFL!!! that's entertainment!

I agree.. Kev, I hope the prognosis is good, hon, I don't like to hear of someone being so bad off with migraine and so forth.. I hope they find something that will help.. *hugs* and a little board magic to put in your pocket.
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oh well, tomorrow morning sees me in hospital to have my head checked and having just had a day of pain like I have, I am now terrified. Last time I was in hospital, Carol had Chris and that was great. Work has been on my mind solid all day today,even laid in bed head crashing, I was worrying and this made me feel worse.
Am nauseous (sp), tired, sleeping anything upto 16 hours a day with the pain. Just wish my office would give a ...... rather than making me worry all the time.
Catch you all tomorrow evening - hopefully
17.26 and off to bed ....
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Good Luck!
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Good luck Kev - I hope you feel better soon.

Check the new procedure your company has adopted - does it give you the right to have somebody present at the meeting. If you're worried as to what might be said, you might feel more comfortable if you had somebody who could provide supporting evidence of what was said (should you need it in the future). When procedures allow for this it could be somebody from a union (where appropriate), co-workers, friends etc.

I hope it goes ok.
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Kev - you know I am praying for you.
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Good luck tomorrow, Kev. Just a thought, but have you tried acupuncture? Last night there was a report on a German news show that medical studies have shown that acupuncture can be quite effective in treating migraines. I agree with fwan - your boss sounds like a "Schlampe".
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Hey Kev, I just wanted to wish you good luck for the hospital visit. I know you're well stressed out over it, but the sooner it gets seen to, the sooner you can start to feel better. Best case scenario, it's tension headaches caused by this horrible woman and you can leave your workplace with her as the cause of it all! Please, please, please, let us all know how it goes because we're all worried about you.
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have tried accupunture as well as massage and that cupping thing. Gave relief for about half an hour and then it all came back with a crash. Good idea though. I think the massage oil is lockwood - still love the smell of that stuff. brought some home and even have been known to rub it into my temple so it gives a stinging heat sensation and it takes my mind off the pain as the burn is stronger ...thanks anyway
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Kev, I thought cupping was an inappropriate thing for a guy to do in public....
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Originally Posted by LilleKat
Hey Kev, I just wanted to wish you good luck for the hospital visit. I know you're well stressed out over it, but the sooner it gets seen to, the sooner you can start to feel better. Best case scenario, it's tension headaches caused by this horrible woman and you can leave your workplace with her as the cause of it all! Please, please, please, let us all know how it goes because we're all worried about you.
thanks - perfect scenario would be - doc says stay off for a month for these to ease. Then I get to the interview and they offer me the job. Give notice and not have to go back... that would be perfection for me. However, when did life ever run smoothly?
Say a prayer for that scenario huh?
tablet time now - Good night
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Originally Posted by LilleKat
Kev, I thought cupping was an inappropriate thing for a guy to do in public....
You had me worried there - had to look up cupping to ensure I had used the correct wording... thanks for the panic attack!!! :-) more hair fell out and I aint got that much!!!!

Whats your definition of cupping because mine is a method of treatment in which a jar is attached to the skin surface to cause local congestion through the negative pressure created by introducting heat in the form of an ignited material. This type of treatment has been practise by the chinese and the Arab for thousand of years.
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Yes that would be an ideal scenario Kev... but I think the very best one is for you to get all fixed up. I'll pray for that one. Night night and sleep well. Don't worry too much and I hope everything goes well for you tomorrow
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Ah see, my definition of cupping seems to be something a lot of guys do the minute they wake up. I think it' sjsut their way of making sure that everything's "still there" and hasn't gone for a walk in the middle of the night, slipping the latch behind them and leaving the keys in the saucer by the front door. No need for the panic... I'm doing my best to keep you laughing. So far, if your hair has been falling out, I'd say I was failing and I ought to shut up before you go bald
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I really hope everything goes well for you tomorrow Kev!
I don't know what a "Schlampe" is but it doesn't sound very good and your boss seems like one! I can think of a whole lot of english words that I would like to call her, but I would probably get kicked off of TCS!
You are in my thoughts and prayers that they can help you! Best of luck and many well wishes!
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I hope everything goes well with your dr. appt Thursday and your mind can be put at ease. About your current job-your boss is awful and I hope she only gets coal for christmas!! It sounds like this person is only looking out for herself. Well you have lots of friends here!!
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I might be going out on a limb here Kev but have you had your spine looked at most especially in the neck area. I suffer from Migraines caused from bones in my spine being out of alignment. Also have a Neice that suffers migraines mainly because her head is not sitting on the spine correctly. The results of accidents A chiropracter can help ease that pain. Anyway I agree with everybody else your boss sounds like a pain in the backside. I hope you find help soon for the pain. In the meantime find you a nice cool dark and quiet room and get some rest.
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They may need to just verify things. I know that I needed to have letters from the doctor to my office so I could get off for the pregnancy and then to come back. It was just so they could cover their butts, not that they were being mean.
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