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Apparently I did not survive the great forum crash of 04

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So I'll reintroduce myself...

I'm Steve, from NE Columbus, Ohio.

I hate to brag, but I think I have the sweetest kitten in the world.

Dakota is 7 mo. old. I adopted her from a local rescue shelter here in Columbus. She's all black and quite behaved for a 7 mo. old kitten I believe.

We recently had our first vet visit last Friday and she didn't fuss, cry, scratch, bite, anything you'd expect a scared animal to do at the vet. She just sat there and took it with a "Ugh...are we done yet?" look on her face...

She's lived with me now for almost a month now. She was supposed to have a roommate, but the other kitten I was going to adopt had some health problems. A URI, then a fungus on the tail.

Needless to say, I thought I had my hands full with one kitten that first weekend, but now, I really feel that Dakota deserves a playmate instead of the toy mice and stuffed animals I have laying around for her to tackle and attack. I know I don't have nearly enough time to play with her as I would like and every where I've read, here included, has said that the best way to keep a kitten occupied is ANOTHER KITTEN!

So I stopped up at the shelter I got my Dakota at and the other kitten I had paid the adoption fee for was still there, however, still in quarantine.
They're holding her for me and will contact me when she's better.

I think in the end, I'll probably end up with that 2nd kitten. I know if I posed that question here, I'd get the same response from most of you.

I know I've promised pictures of her before, but have yet to deliver. I'll have them uploaded when I get home from work though.
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Hey... re-welcome to the boards! I, too, did not survive the Great Forum Crash (great way of phrasing it)... but what matters is we're here now, right?

What a great name for a kitten - Dakota! That's great that she was so well behaved at the vet and that's great that you're getting her a playmate - does the new kitten have a name yet?

I can't wait to see some pictures of Dakota - I never saw your false promises of them before, but now that I see that you plan on posting some, I'm gonna hold you to it!
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I remember you quite well and know that alot of us were sad to hear that your 2nd kitten was ill and was taken back to the shelter - how sad that she still is in quarentine - but what a beautiful end to the story if she was the one you brought home

cant wait to see photos of Dakota - I love that name too but my DH thought it wasnt a cat name so glad that you have called your kitten that
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Here they promised....

Ladies and Gentleman, the legend...


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Dakota is a majestic cat -- a very regal beauty!
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Very pretty indeed! Thanks for posting them!
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Beautiful - and congratulations on taking such good pictures of a black cat - I keep tring with Ellie and I can hardly see her in the photo - her fur just soaks up all the light.
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Hi and welcome back to the site!!!
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oh good grief - Dakota you are so beautiful

I just LOVE black cats!!! now you have posted some we are going to demand more - you know that right?
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aww gosh ur cat is soo hot, He looks like mine except yours looks more like velvet compared to mine
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Dakota is gorgeous!
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Hi, welcome back, Steve and Dakota! Hope you get to bring your new baby home soon! Looking forward to those pics!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!
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Took that with my cell phone today.
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