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I bought that crystal litter tonight. I guess they call them pearls, too. I want to see how well they work. I added it on top of the regular clay litter, then mixed it in. For those of you who have tried the pearls, how do you like them?

Oh, and I bought Arm & Hammer clay litter to see how I like it. I'm trying to find the best litter that controls odor. I was really surprised when I went to Albertson's. I've been buying Tidy Cats Crystals Blend litter in the 20 lb. bag. ALbertson's carries the 10 lb. bag! They also carry the 7lb bag of the Arm & Hammer, which I was so happy about! None of the other grocery stores carry those 2 brands in the smaller bags!
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I've tried several litters, much to Dani's annoyance at times. I like the Arm & Hammer best for odor control. Once she's covered it up, the odor is gone.
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I've heard both opinions on the pearls. Some people like them, some don't. It all depends on the cat. A girl I know tried the pearls and her cat immediately began peeing outside the box. When she went back to conventional litter, the problem stopped.
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We're on the Crystals again thanks to Gus and his stinky poo. I personally love them, and neither of our cats has had a problem using them/getting used to them. The downfall is that they are so expensive.
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