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foamy urine

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I just caught a glimpse of my cat urinating and it was foamy. Is this normal or could it be a sign/symptom for something? If anyone knows of what this is a symptom for please let me know. And hes constantly drinking water, out of the tub, from the dogs bowl..constantly wherever he can get it, he will.
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Sometimes urine will foam as it splashes in the litterbox. It isn't really a sign of a UTI. Signs to watch for are a foul smell, red-tinged urine, a cat that is frequently in and out of the litterbox, seems uncomfortable when urinating, and finally ANY sort of strange elimination "behaviour" like not using the litterbox anymore.
How old is your cat? Increased thirst can be a sign of diabetes or kidney disease and warrants a vet exam.
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He has always drunk water like that, ever since I can remember. He is a year in a half now. and He constantly has worms.. even though we give him *vet* dewormer like every two weeks, he cant get rid of them. I love him to death, but I hate when hes on my and I get worms on my arm. Any solutions for that?
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What kind of worms?
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We took in a stray several years ago that had terrible worms. They were constantly coming out of his bottom and then he coughed an enormous one up. Yuck. That was after worming tablets. I took him back to the vet, who said that tablets weren't enough and gave him an injection which did the trick.
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