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I'm not decorating, this year. Mark's in-laws have invited us to their house and nobody is coming to ours. I might as well save myself the work and chasing cats out of the tree.
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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
What a cute little tree! How does Tibby act around it? We had a tree yesterday but we got the wrong kind... but Bay kept biting it, so now I'm a bit worried!
What was the wrong kind of tree?

Molly had a quick bit, but quickly got bored with it! Tibby was excited about decorating it, but as soon as it was done he didn't care for it any more. He has hardly been near it! (hence no pic of him!)

Last year though, with my parents big tree, they destroyed it by sitting inside it on the branches - hopefully their disinterest with my tree will prove a good thing?!! Plus they are now both a year old now, so this should be better!!
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It was meant for the outside so it didn't have a stand, it had a stake you use to shove in the ground. Eh well.
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