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Is it just me or are there others of you that have this thing about having to feed the birds all the time. I love having the garden walked all over by hundreds of sparrows etc and watching them. Thomas just sits and watches - no idea what to do if he had the chance I think! Anyway, I put out everything at this time of the year - scraps, rice, bread, nuts - you name it. The small cut down tree that we have - Brandy used it as a scratching post and I have no wish to cut the rest down - looks like a christmas tree most days of the year with nuts hanging in feeders etc.
Its that squirrel that loves to steal em and I keep watching him watching me - then hes happy as I get some monkey nuts and throw them for him.
Aint nature wonderful?
Also - I was on the M62 a couple of days ago when saw four wild deer in the field. That was incredible....
Also finished the cross stitch of Clive last weekend and gave it to my mother.She adored it and its being framed proffesionaly this week. She cried a lot but was so touched.
hope you are having a good day - I have a nativity thing to goto tomorrow with our son - have the camcorder batteries on charge and then hospital on Thursday.
Busy week and am still off work with continual headaches
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Hi Kev,

My Mum is shocking with the birds! Rain, hale or shine, she will walk down the garden to feed the magpies, crows and seagulls, then feed the sparrows, woodpecker, pheasant etc (unintentionally the sparrow hawk)

We have had to provide a separate feeder for the squirrels, as it was eating it's way through the rest - despite methods to prevent them!! Do you have the squirrels eating the containers?

They are nice to watch, though!

Oooh, the Nativity! I miss those from when I was in school!! I'd love to go and see one, but the lack of kids appears to be a problem!!

How are the headaches? Did you take the time off? Has your boss been in contact about your leave from work? Did you get the new job? (sorry about all the questions!! I just remembered from before the downtime!)

Good luck for the hospital visit and I hope you enjoy your son's Nativity!
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Oh and I am so glad that your Mum liked your cross stitch! She must have been so touched!

You truly are a great and thoughtful son!
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Originally Posted by Sar
We have had to provide a separate feeder for the squirrels, as it was eating it's way through the rest - despite methods to prevent them!! Do you have the squirrels eating the containers?
We feed the birds too and have to provide a separate container for the squirrel. We have a metal one with metal mesh - at the bottom we cut some of the squares out of the mesh to allow the peanuts to fall into the little tray at the bottom. Now the squirrel doesn't bother with the feeders we keep for the birds, he just hangs upside down on the Pear tree eating from his own feeder . To keep him off the feeders nearer to the house, we put some peanuts in a terracotta pot that hangs from the fence (there's a picture of the squirrel at that one in my photobucket album) - he doesn't bother the birdies then either.

Kev, enjoy your son's nativity. they were really special times when our two were growing up. So lovely to look back on when they seem to grow up so fast!

Good luck for the hospital
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we used to. My mum usually takes the old bread and breaks it up and goes into the city to feed pigeons, but people really hate us doing it
somewhere here in germany they fine you 2,000 euros if they catch you feeding pigeons
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We have a ton of bird feeders. Most are claimed to be "squirrel proof" - but no such thing. Every time we find a new contraption we buy it and guess how long it will take for the little beggers to figure it out - and it's usually just minutes. We have some very entertaining feeders just for the squirrel, but they go for the bird feeders too. As one point we had 14 squirrels in the yard at one time. Of course, we've also had to cat proof the feeders, since some of the neighborhood cats seemed to think we were setting up a buffet.

Our cats aren't allowed out, but they have perches in the windows where they sit and watch the show with great enthusiasm. One of our cats would just leap around whenever the hummingbirds came to the feeders on the front porch (she sees them through the window.) It was quite a hoot to watch. When she would do this the dogs would get all excited too, and the whole house would erupt in an uproar.
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I love feeding the birds. I'm always buying a lot of bird food since I have to feed my own birds, so I always give the pigeons and othe birds food. They have to watch out though cause some of the cats in the neighborhood attacked them and killed them. (the cats come into my yard) I feel so guilty that I want to stop feeding them but they always come back everyday and walk up to my front door.
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Honestly the only reason I feel the bird is so the cats will have something to watch out the window. Now when I lived at home with my parent's (they have a house, and I have an apartment), I used to feel the squirels, bunnies, chipmunchs and whatever else animal would eat the corn and sunflower seed mix I left out. Now that was neat, if I ever get a house of my own I'll probably do that again.
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