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I live in Australia and I have a ginger girl and her name is Pinki she is about 10yrs old and I have had her for 6yrs she previously lived in a shared household 3boys(not desexed) and 2 girls(not desexed) the lady that owned her had to move and she could not take Pinki with her so she asked if I could take her when I took Pinki home I had her desexed, she was full of pleas and sores from the fleas, she was undernourished and she hid for about 2 weeks as the time passed she gained my trust and she became well with good treatment lots of love and attention and we have becaome very very close, also she lives indoors and only goes out when I am home thats a bit of background about Pinki!

Just last week she was very sick I took her to the vet and upon examination she has had an ulcer under her tongue but she has lost a lot of weight compared to last year and she was dehydrating they put her on a drip and kept her in for 3 days to do tests and the problem is that she has cat aids as she was bitten from a male tom undesexed when she lived with the previous owner as the cats run wild all of the time.

I have done a lot of research about this disgusting and horrible virus and its a slow killer I am hoping maybe someone that is going through the same thing as my beautiful Pinki and myself could let me know as I dont know what to expect and we can give support to people in the same boat as I didnt know that cats suffer from aids