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Cat wont have her babies..

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Not sure if I should be worried. My little cat Frankie (who was a teeny 6 months old at the time) went off and got herself pregnant, that was between 65 and 72 days ago, she was missing for a week so I'm not sure of the exact date. I've read that young cats usually have their kittens early, and Frankie doesnt look interested in having her's still. She's still eating like, well, a pregnant cat, she hasnt nested much either, but her stomach is massive, its sticking out the sides like crazy, has been for about 3 weeks. The kittens are very much alive, they move around and kick her a lot, probably bugging her to let them out. Anyway, should I take her to the vet???


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I would take her to the vet, as the vet can tell you when she will be due, plus at such a young age, it is good to have the vet know the kittens are on the way, because there can be complications. If he has seen the cat, if you have to call him, he can at least draw on the exam he had with her and help you out over the phone or in his office-
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Okay, about 1 hour after I wrote that post Frankie tried to jump out the window and misjudged pretty bad and hurt her right hind leg. Anyway right after that happened she started crying and growling and rolling around and stretching, I thought she was going into labour. I sat with her for hours and then she finally stopped, this morning she was totally normal, except for a limp. So we took her to the vet to check that she hadnt gone into labour and something had gone wrong, but the vet (who I must say was late, surly and unhelpful) said her leg was pretty sore, gave her a shot for that, checked her temp and said it was a little low so she should have them soon. And that was pretty much that. She was begging for food when we got home, (shouldnt her apetite go down if she's going to have them soon?) I swear the little thing doesnt even know she's pregnant. Now she's chasing a lizard our older cat brought in for her. I cant believe that a 2kg cat with 2.7kgs of babies inside her can still chase lizards, but there it is. Anyway, if anyone's got any advice it'd be really appreciated, I'm just going to wait it out for now and keep an eye on her. Its day 66 at the earliest so she'd better have them soon!
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Not that this is at all helpful to you regarding the delivery issues, but out of curiosity, what kind of shot did your vet give to your pregnant girl?

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I called the vet and he reckons she'll need surgery which is going to cost me hundreds of dollars which I dont have, hell I dont have enough money to do the washing. I dont know what to do. Frankie is still eating and hasnt nested in the slightest, she just eats sleeps and chases bugs. Looks like the silly little twit is going to just let her babies die inside her.
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Well in the past all my femals got preg. at 6-7months old. Well itsnt there a way your vet can induce labor. Give her something that will get her started. Other athn that all mine did good except for Winky who miscarried 3 of 4 babies. Just give a little more time or consult with anouther vet about it.

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I hope everything goes ok with your little one, she is so young though, cats can have healty babies up to the 72nd day but not many do and they say 1st time mommies normally deliver early.

Take Care.....
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Are you still seeing movement? Are the babies still active? Are you certain you have your dates right? Could she have escaped a second time at a slightly later date that you didn't know about?

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Thanks for the replies! Managed to convince my parents to lend me money for Frankie, so I took her to a better vet this time, a cat only vet. She got an ultrasound because the kittens werent really moving so it was hard to tell if they were alive or not, also because she's so young and so late who knows what was happening in there. But the results were pretty good, yay! There's a bunch of them in there, probably 5 or 6, and they've got heart beats and all their other organs and stuff look like they're where they're meant to be, apparently their heart beats were a little rapid which suggests that she'll have them soon, so its back to waiting. Vet says if she doesnt have them by Monday morning its either inducing or cutting her open time, which also means totally breaking the bank so fingers crossed she'll have them soon! Anyway I havent eaten all day as I've been racing around after the furball, so adios, excuse the pun but I'll keep you posted! :P

Oh also! The ultrasound was half price because all these veterinary students came in to watch and help, woo!
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ecp...glad everything turned out ok. As this was an accidental pregnancy, please make this the last for Frankie by treating her to a spay after she has weaned her babies.

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Ohhh yeah, she'll be getting spayed as soon as possible, I'm still kicking myself for not getting it done earlier.
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Yay.. kittens, congratulations! Keep us posted on when she has them and how everything goes
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ecp..glad you plan to have her spayed. Don't kick yourself...at least you are doing what you can for her and you can make sure that her kittens go to homes that will spay/neuter them.

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I'm at my parents place looking after my grandmother for them while they're at a work christmas party, got Frankie here coz i'm a little worried about her. Anyway she was panting in the car, which is pretty normal but I kinda hoped it meant she might go into labour soon. As soon as I put her down on the floor here she started clinging to me like crazy, much much worse than she ever has just from being in a different environment. She's on my lap now, she hasnt sat on anyone's lap since she got pregnant! Anyway about half an hour ago I noticed some yellowy white discharge had started trickling out of her. Hopefully this means she's lost her mucous plug and not something bad, though I'm not really seeing a green tinge, it was a little yellow at the beginning but its looking whiter & clearer now. Poor thing is too fat to lick it so should I help her by using a damp towel?

Oh also her little ones are moving around, it looks good! yay!
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whats happened? has Frankie given birth yet? hoping its all going well
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okay we're back at home and she's settled herself under the end table in the loungeroom so she can be close to us (aww so cute). Anyway she's definately having contractions and she's pushing and panting and looks like she's doing everything thing right, I'm so excited! So what I've read tells me that if she doesnt produce a kitten in a couple of hours I should call the vet, but I think she'll be okay now, they just took their sweet time.

Anyway I'll keep updating!

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how exciting - oh I am excited and I am on the other side of the globe

oh yes keep us updated!!!! YAY new TCS babies are on their way!!!
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Oh, yes, please keep us updated!
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she's had two already! More are on the way.. I'm a bit worried about the first one though coz it isnt strong enough to move around, all it does is lie there and breathe, the second one is meowing and eating already, oh and it came out plumper, frankie isnt paying as much attention to the first one either. what should i do???
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Oh this is exciting ((Paces the floor nervously waiting for news!!)). I hope the first little one is ok. Sorry I don't have any advice - I'm no expert in this. We do have a Cat Manual published by the RSPCA and the only thing it says is to try to encourage the kitten to suckle.

Please let us know how mom and kittens are
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so far, and there's more to come, but she's having a break, poor thing looks exhausted.

the kitten that came out first is looking much better now, its meowing like a champ and is suckling just as much as the others.

its 3am and its my boyfriend's grandmother's 70th tomorrow and we've gotta be at the party at 9am, yikes. i'll post tomorrow morning if she's had the
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Well done kitty momma and ecp - you'll both be tired in the morning.

I'm glad to hear that kitten number one is getting over the shock of arriving in the big wide world.

Can't wait to hear how they're all doing.
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I am so excited!!! I was afraid they wouldn't survive but they did and that is awesome!!! How many kitties do you have now? My Shashawna had 5 in her last litter. I am so glad everything turned out well.


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Hi there! Glad to hear that everything turned out well. Do let us know how they are when you can.

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YAY!!! YAY!! how exciting

what a good mamma Frankie seems to be - she must be exhausted - cant wait to hear how they all are when you have a chance

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Okay there's still only four, they're looking quite healthy, and very greedy. Frankie's just started to breathe rapidly and is panting again so it looks like its time for one or two more!
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come on Frankie sweetheart - lets get these babies out of you then you can have a rest
thankyou so much for keeping us updated
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are there still only 4?????

please let us know
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An update please?
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Is frankie okay?
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