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Yzma....I forgot to say....your pictures were truley GORGEOUS!!! What a beauty you are!!! I think everyone who posted a pic here is beautiful, but some of you look like models!!!!
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I took a couple pic's tonight...as per request of my online "date" Ric. I told him I was in my PJ's...but he was still persistant!
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You look great in your jammies shell
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There are so many beautiful people here!! I'll think about adding my own. LoL
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Aw come on Rayne! We want to see you too!
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Shell!!!! You're peeeerrrty! (as we country folks say)
I do believe he'll be ringing your bell!!!

(you can ring my beeeeeeeelll, you can ring my bell, ring a ling a ding-that old song from the 70s I think)
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Aw shucks! Thank ya!

BTW...love that song!
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You are so pretty Shell!
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Oh fine. I'll grace these boards with my ugly face *laughs*

This picture was taken in 1999. It was taken at my reception, and no, I'm no longer married to him.
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You are NOT ugly! You are very pretty and I love your smile! Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!
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I agree with Kellye...You're beautiful! Definitely not ugly!
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Ok, here it goes....
I think I´m ready and have finally built up the courage to post a pic of myself

This one was taken 15 months ago, the day before my son was born.

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Shell - I love yah! You are so cute!

Great Pic Rayne! You are beautiful!

And Sess what can I say? You are gorgeous!

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WOW!!!!!!So many beautiful people here to reply too!!!!!!!!

Shell....any man who doesn't want you after seeing that last pic is an absolute idiot! Seriously!!!!!

Rayne....you are also a very attractive woman...please don't ever sell yourself short or think you aren't attractive...you have such a lovely face and gorgeous smile!

Sess....what can I say......You are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! and the day before your son was born?????? MY Gosh! You should have seen me the day before Amber was born.....not a pretty sight!
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Sess...wow! You're gorgeous!!!!
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Sesselja - you are very very pretty!
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A couple pics from tonite

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Aw.... You guys look so sweet together...
I'm happy for you... Really happy... Can't wait for wedding pictures... is there a date yet?
people keep asking us that too.... after the hundreth time... it's like:
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awww you two look so cute together.. i reckon you should do a photoshop with zoey there!

thanks for sharing sicy!
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Originally posted by Yzma
Can't wait for wedding pictures... is there a date yet?
people keep asking us that too.... after the hundreth time... it's like:

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What a gorgeous couple!
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Been catching up on pics and I have to say - wow! Everyone is gorgeous!
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Sicycat!!! What beautiful pictures!!! You two make such a gorgeous couple!!!
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Thanks you guys! Everyone here is very good looking
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OK, I'll show my goofy face here for a few minutes, but not in the Gallery, please!
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I see a lot of other people are posting pics, so I iwll throw mine is, no laughs, this was taken last summer, by my choppr, which you cant see here becasue I had to resize the pic...
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Yay! I finally get to see tuxedo kitties

We wouldnt laugh at you Matty thats a fine pic
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