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Tybalt - great pic. I am happy that I can finally put a face with the personality!
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Thanks Guys...you're too sweet!

Tybalt, great pic! It reminds of a movie I watched...can't think of it's blasted name right now!
What a great pic!
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i'll post pics tonight! I keep forgetting Sue and tybalt know what I look like
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I was just going to ask why you haven't posted any pic's? I just love putting a face with the words...if ya know what I mean!
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Shell - I was thinking he looked elvish from LOTR.
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Ady...I haven't seen that movie
For some reason I want to say Gladiator...but I don't think that right!

Had to edit my post...obiviously I can't spell or even write a decent sentence today. Duh!
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Are you thinking of Highlander Shell?
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OMG! That's it! Good thinking Kell!
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LOL cos I was thinking the same thing too!
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Have you tried messing around with the exposure setting? It looks like its letting too much light in which is causing the bright spots!
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I've been messing around with it...but I haven't found the perfect setting. I'm hoping that on Monday or Tuesday (my days off from work) I'll get more of a chance to play around with it.
Right now either the pics are too bright or too dark. It might be the lighting of the room I'm in too. I dunno...

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long awaited pics of me

Here is me in black and white
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bad pic of me...good pic of my hair..yes it is natural
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the black and white pic in color
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Whoa Val.... Love your hair
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me again
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me yet again
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before i died my hair back
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and last but not least, me and my baby neo when I was VERY sick with a cold!
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Yay!! Finally! You're a cutie pie You look so young too!

Tybalt you are such a flirt...
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Yay!! Finally! You're a cutie pie You look so young too!

Tybalt you are such a flirt...
I'm 24 but i'm lucky if I pass for 18!
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Originally posted by Tybalt
Diana's lip is not more smooth and rubious.
sue you got a sweet talker
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Val... I forgot to add that you are a very attractive women.
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Thank you very much
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Me and my evil soon to be wife.
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I think I've seen every photo in this thread now and I just have to say that's it's a privilage to be in the company of so many beautiful women, even if it's as limited as public forum messages.
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Val...you're beautiful! Honestly, I always pictured you in my mind as a blonde. Don't take that the wrong way or anything...but I always pictured you with long straight blonde hair.

Jason...great pic! Too bad we couldn't see much of you though Was that devil horns she was wearing? Too funny!
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Hi this is me and my bf Doug we have been together for 2yrs
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Laura, that's a great picture! You two look so happy together! It's nice to put a face to your posts!
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Since he's posting pics of himself, I'll just slip in my very favorite of Renaissance days. [IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\T at Renaissance.jpg[/IMG]
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