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Thanks, I feel 43 though!
I was actually trying to coax the cat to eat her food which had medication mixed in it when the shot was taken.

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That's a good way to get her interested in the food. I hope you didn't have to eat any to totally convincer her though.
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Love that picture of you dining with your kitty! Was it good?

Tammie, Slave to Peaches
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Here's one of us taken last week.

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Nice Picture! You look just like a friend of mine.
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Great pic Tamme! You guys look so cute together! Awww...
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Lovely pic you guys!
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Originally posted by Deb25
Hmm, I thought you looked a couple of weeks older than in your avatar.....
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
You dont look 43.
Did you enjoy your meal?
LMAO!!!!!! I spewed my coffee on that one, Kellye!!!

Michael....I agree, you do not look 43

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Nice Picture Michael .. LMAO at you dining !!!!!

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Me a few months ago. My hair is curly and longer now. I had straightened it then. I also dont wear much makeup anymore...too busy. Oh and I dont wear goth type makeup ALL the time:

My Fiancee(on left) and I about the same time as the first photo above. Oh and Lyle's hair is red..not mine..I'm light brown...it's just lighting:

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We have a pictures picture thread I will merge you into that now
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Oh...I just wanted to start a new thread because all of the photo threads get full and noone bothers going through them after they get alot of pages...Plus after they have been here so long people dont update their photos and I thought people would look different by now....

Ok I just edited this because I just noticed people's last posts in this thread being only a day or 2 ago....I stand corrected. I guess this forum is an exception and DOES get viewed more often. I'll edit my photo post, make it a normal post and remove the title and stuff so it doesnt seem like a thread anymore. Sorry I didnt ever notice this thread.
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This is half of a picture of me and my hubby taken just before he died. This is the only recent one of me, sorry.

This is soooooo cute huh??????
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How do you post more than one picture in a reply and how do you get the picture in between writing? I tried but you can see the result above.
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They have to be on the web somewhere to do that! When you attach the pic from your hard drive it automatically puts it under all your text.

I think most people here use imagestation.com to upload their pics so that they can post them here more than one per reply.
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Thanks, haven't tried uploading from imagestation as I am not sure how to. Tried the remote linking and that didn't work?????
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I dunno, I dont use imagestation

But its pretty much the same with any photo hosting program. Right click on the picture you want to post here, select 'properties', then hightlight the URL in that box and copy it. Paste it here with the IMG tags.

Sorry if that sounded confusing
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First of all, I just wanted to tell you that your picture is the cutest! You remind me so much of my Grandma and from what I've read, you're just as sweet as she is!

As for linking pics, I use Imagestation and I found that it's the easiest to use. Once you register at IS, then you can upload photos that you have saved on your computer. Then once you've uploaded them, you can make albums for them to be in. I have a couple albums of just my cats and then one of misc junk. Once your pics are uploaded, click on the picture so it is the only one on the screen. Then right click, go to properties and copy the URL (the big long code). Then come back to TCS and click the IMG button right above the message in the thread. In that box, paste the URL code there. You can do this several times to get several pictures in a post. Before you, post your message it's best if you preview your post. That way you can tell if you're picture is showing up or not.

I know that it may sound difficult and overwhelming at first, but actually it isn't as hard as it seems. If you need help you can always get ahold of me and I'll help you the best that I can. Also there is a thread about posting pictures...I believe it's a sticky button in the Cat Lounge.
Good luck Hon and love the picture!
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I printed that post out and did all of that but it never worked. The only one that did post was one that only I could get into as you needed my password. Duh.

Thank you for the complement. You are very kind.
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Are you using the URL of the entire album or just one picture? I think it would ask for your password if you're trying to post the entire album. If you want to post just one picture, you need to go into your album on Imagestation and then click on the individual picture, the right click, go to properties, copy the URL and paste the URL when you use the IMG button. It should work! Honest!
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The first time I tried, I ended up using the album and ofcourse you have to have the password. Then I went into the storage bin and did it that way but it didn't work.
Will try again. Lets see.
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IT WORKED!!!!!!!
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sicy how do you get that clapping smilie?
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Awesome pic! YAY! I'm so happy it worked! Doin' a little happy dance for ya!
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Originally posted by Hermoine
sicy how do you get that clapping smilie?
I got it from another smilie site!
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Noone ever commented on my photos..am I scary? LOL...I hope not
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I dont think you're scary

I could post a scary pic of me when I was in high school LOL. I had black hair with a blonde stripe down the side and I used to always wear black
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Thanks...I was begining to wonder Thought I had caused a few heart attacks

You scary?? HA...Your just beautifull!!!!!!!
Actually though...I doubt that old photo looked too bad. There are some really Gothic looking people nowdays.
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