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No need to apologize. It happens all the time. He's been mistaken for a chihuahua lots of times.


I love your avatar! As far as stealing the Moo dude, you'd have to kill me first!!


So that half smile was of pain and not joy?? Been there many times.

I will be posting soon, I hope, a picture of little Eli. The woman that was supposed to take him decided not to so he's staying with me. Yippee!!! He's such a little love. And he's Moo's best bud. Maybe Rene will let me borrow her digital camera this weekend (please rene???)

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Ok people, it has taken me a long time to decide to post myself here!! (let alone all the help I needed from the 's on this site!!)

Are you ready?......sit back and take a deep breath.....(feel free to hide behind a cushion, it rather large and scary!)

Here we go...........
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Arrrrgggghhhhhhhhh!!! ITS SOOOOOOOOO BIG!!!!! (hope none of you have nightmares now heh heh...)

Well there you go, thats me for ya!! Stop laughing! (just be grateful I didn't post the one of "the morning after the night before" of me in my nightie,- not a pleasent sight to behold at any time of the day! :evilalien :jarswim: )

I'll stick to posting pics of my cats in future!
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Hey Bodlover,

That is a great picture! You're very pretty. We've got alot great looking people on this site. It's nice to see what everyone looks like.

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Dear Bodlover:pinky:

You are beautiful! Please don't ever think otherwise. You're a stunning lady that's for sure, I know no one here would argue that! Your skin is flawless! Your hair is to die for! Gosh, you have got to be kidding! Just stunning!!!

Love, Peace &
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Bodlover - We must be looking at different pictures, because the one I see is beautiful! I absolutely love your hair!
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Hi Wayne!!! Great shot! Really is! You love that cat so much don't you! Awwwwwwww That's really adorable. Thanks Meme for posting it!

Love, Peace &
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You welcome Catarina!!! I enjoyed posting the pic and have to say that both Tic & Tac are two beautiful, well loved guys. Of course I think that Kittyfoot is a pretty nice guy also
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The pic looks great! I vote we make nitecrwlr the official photo editor of the site.
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I agree Deb25!! My "flawless" skin (as Cat so nicely put it, and many thanks for that!) is all due to Nitecrwlr's magnificent photoshop work!! hee hee - Oh I wish my skin really was flawless!!! Thanks for the nice comments guys!! you're too kind......

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Bodlover....(it's Rhea isn't it?) You are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is it that all the beautiful people always think they aren't???

I love your hair!!! And you have such a pretty smile! I was expecting something awful, after everything you had said, and then here was this beautiful woman!!! My gosh! You are so pretty!!
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Thanks Debby!! What a love you are!
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Simon's Mommy, you remind me of Mira Sorvino in that pic.

Donna, Moo Shoo is a HUGE cat! I could see how someone could mistake him for a dog. I never knew that Sphinxes got that large!

Bodlover, I've said it before on this very site, why is it the most attractive people never think they are?
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*ahh shucks* thanks guys......and Simons mummy - I thought you reminded me of someone too - Illusion was right - you do look like Mira Sorvino!!

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Can someone tell me who Mira Sorvino is I have no idea.
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Have you seen the film "Romy and Michelles High school renuion"? if you have, Mira Sorvino plays Romy. She's been in some other films too but at present my brain is failing me.....(as usual) so I can't think of any more!! Hmmm I'll see if I can find a picture of her for you....

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Right then here we are...a couple of other films shes been in are "Mighty Aphrodite" and "The replacement killers" and heres a picture of the lovely lass....
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Nicole!!! You DO look like Mira!!! Except without the red lipstick!
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MooShoo just looks huge. He weighs about 9 pounds and a few ounces (last visit at vet anyway) and is a real hoot! He loves climbing on my shoulder when I'm watching tv. He'll then curl up on his back in my arms like a baby and go to sleep. I've been reading alot about the Sphynx temperament. They are very loyal and docile cats. MooShoo acts like a little kid when I go to work. He follows me all over the house wanting to be picked up.

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Just wanted to add my picture
It's relatively an old one (2 years ago) but I look the same (except that my hair is shorter now )
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Dodo, you are VERY beautiful!!!!! What a great picture!!!!! I am happy to see it!!!!!!!!
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Well hello again Dodo
You're a beautiful woman!!!!
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Thanx guys. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder but as all people here, I'll also say "noo, I'm not beautiful"

Well, you know we sometimes feel beautiful & sometimes don't. So I guess it's a time for me not to feel like beautiful now

Hey, Anne, I was checking this thread last night, I think there are people here whom you didn't post their pictures
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I would like to request that the pic of me and Danielle (where I have a pink shirt and she is on my chest) that is under the posting "I have Danielle".... go under the MEMBERS picture gallery.

I tried to upload it here, but the forum would not let me upload the pic twice. Can you lift it from there that other posting?

Thanks a lot.
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Val, Just to make sure that Anne gets the message, could you e-mail it to her also? I just want to make sure she knows that is what you want her to do, because she will do it for you!
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Thanks Debby!!
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this is me It was taken about a month ago, the only thing that's different is my hair is a little longer:

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WOW! You are beautiful!!!!!!!!!
If you want Anne to add your picture to the members gallory, just send her a Pm or an e-mail!
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hee hee, thanks debby!:tounge2: I'll have to pm anne now so I dont forget
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