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What a great pic Sabra - looks like you had a great time. You and hubby make a cute couple!
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Ok - there was a pic here when I posted!
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Yeah, but it was all fuzzy. I've been trying to fix it up using Microsoft photo editor but it's not working.
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Ok - I am glad I wasn't just being delusional!
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This is me (middle) and my daughters. Emily is on the left and Rachel on the right.
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Tammie, what an awesome picture! You're beautiful and so are your girls! It's always nice to put a face on the names around here!
Thank you for sharing!
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Awww thanks That picture was just taken in March just before Emily left for her mission.

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Wow! Both Ginger & Tamme are very pretty!! Thanks for sharing!

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OK, I´m gonna try this...I´m learning the "other kind" of posting photos.
If it goes well, you will see my son at 6,5 months old.
And now that I can (maybe!) do this, I will start searching for photos of myself to post!

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I can do this to!!!
I only have to work on the size, how do I make the photos appear bigger?
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What a cutie patootie! Yay..so happy that you figured out how to post pics! I'm doing a little happy dance for ya!

As for resizing pic's, you can download a free program called Irfanview. You can download by going to www.irfanview.com

It's pretty easy to maneuver! Just let me know if you need some help!
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You can also resize pics in MSPaint. All comps pretty much come with that!

Cute baby..
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can some tell me how do you post photos on the board?
where do you learn?
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Testing testing....
This is me(suraia)

This is me and my fiancee(rajesh)
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Wow! What a gorgeous couple
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You make a good Tomb Raider!!!
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Oh my god, you guys are gorgeous Suraya!
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You both are absolutely stunning! Great photos! Thanks for sharing!
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Wow! Ses.(Pollyanna) Your son is a gem! Truely adorable.

and Surya you and your BF are stunning too!

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Thanx, you guys!
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I went boating at Lake Lure - where Dirty Dancing was filmed, with a friend and Hubby took a picture of us sitting on the boat. Here's hubby (Jake) and me! It was taken last saturday (6-21)

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Cute! Gotta love those self photographs! My daughter likes to do that and sometimes hers turn out pretty good too! My arms aren't long enough. I'm just a shorty. Used to be 5' but found out last week I shrunk to 4'10 1/2"

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Just taken 5 min ago.. me and Zoey

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Hmm, I thought you looked a couple of weeks older than in your avatar.....
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This is me on my 43rd last year.. Michael
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And dining with a friend
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You dont look 43.
Did you enjoy your meal?
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Love that picture of you sharing dinner! Welcome!
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