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You bear a striking resemblance to...a red `X' in a box!

(I couldn't see the pic)
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(Bill, you're funny. Just the facts, sir, just the facts.)
Kai, I can't see it either.
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Laurie, It's not fair for anyone to be that good looking! I think I'll go sulk somewhere. Nah, I won't do that. You and Gary are quite a pair, both great! I have a picture of me in a costume like that. I will look for some of those pictures--one of these days.

In the meantime, I did not see Sam's picture. Where is it? Sam?
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Kai, Here's your picture! For some reason it wouldn't show up, so I fixed it!
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Here's Sam's pic too!
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Thanks, Shell! Kai and Sam, you both look GREAT !
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its great to see everyones pictures!
heres one of me and by other half Luke !

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IceAngel, we can't see your picture!! do try again!!
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argh, stoopid thingy, hang on i'll try again!...
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lets see if this works..
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yay! don't know what went wrong before...
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Kai, Sam and Iceangel - what fantastic pics!
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It was worth the wait!
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Awesome pics!! (IceAngel, is that your boyfriend/husband?...)
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hehee, thanks!

yup thats my boyfriend, Luke! i met him over the internet 7 years ago when i lived in Hong Kong and he lived in Australia, and now i'm living in australia with him..!
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Wow.. everyone here is SO GOOD LOOKING!

Here's some of me:

Me & Zoey:

Me & My boyfriend:

Here's one of me as Lara Croft that my boyfriend computer generated:

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Very nice! Love the Laura Croft one- though looking at your regular picture your figure is in better shape than hers is!
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What!? You cant be serious!

What a nice compliment, thank you
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Looks to me like the two of you are in love too- the way you are looking at each other...
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More great pictures
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Originally posted by hissy
Looks to me like the two of you are in love too- the way you are looking at each other...
Yes, very much so. I have finally met my soul mate!! It took me 30 damn years!! He is the most wonderful man on earth.
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Great pix! You look so exotic! I love the pic with you & your boyfriend. You two look like you're madly in love & can't get enough of each other.
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This was taken exactly 1 year ago..I still exactly the same, except 1 year older...this was taken on my birthday though...

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Nice pic!

I think we're supposed to post pictures in this thread though.. correct me if I'm wrong!
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Yea, I couldn't find it...would someone move this in that thread for me so I dont have to post my picture twice?
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I also think that picture thread should be stuck at the top! Just my two cents.
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There you go, Kathy.
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Thanks Deb!
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And Sicy...I added the link of this thread to our Super Duper Important threads. Good idea on your part.
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