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btw, I wish 10-12 pounds were a lot for me....It more like 50-55 pounds for me!!
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Yes, Shirley, very beautyful!

And about the pounds...I also wish I had so few extra pounds, at the moment I feel to fat to wear anything else than a huge t-shirt and a jogger pants.
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Bump Bump !!! Come On Everyone Lets see more pictures
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I´m gonna try to post a photo, I hope it´s not to big this time!
This is a photo of two of my cats!
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Awwwwwwww What A Cute Kiddie
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Thanx! This is my very own home breed!
The other one is Pollýanna. I have very nice photos of Pollýanna and Feykirófa, that I´m gonna ask someone scan for me, so that is in process...
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IS that your babies bed?? lol Sorry I thought it was too funny not to post! CUTE PIC!!!
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Yes, they all have one basket each to cuddle in, one for baby, two for cats!
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and another:
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Great pix, i love black and whites.

Thanks so much for sharing! :

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Wow I them!!!!! , So Natural, Your Gorgeous

- Sam
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blue, you should be in the movies!

Also, I thought the 2nd photo, by the tree, by the lake was stunning. It looks so professional.
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thank you, you guys, you're very kind.

you made my day.

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Thought I'd bump this up for the new members.
BTW, Blue...love the pix! You're gorgeous!
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thanks Shell, i have more, my brother and his new digital camera have been following me around
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i took this one. it's the original of that 1st one.
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i actually like this one.
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i posted this before but it's not showing up now.
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another one that's not showing up now.
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I just love that last picture! It's absolutely beautiful!
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I just saw this thread! It's soooooo cool seeing everyone!

Here's a picture of me with my babies 3 Christmases ago in Chicago. Pardon the house behind the shot--we had 5 people and 2 cats in a 2 bedroom apartment for over a week.

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OK.... It's been a while since I did some catching up on this thread!!!!


So from where I left off...

Anna - you are completey gorgeous! What a cute couple! (And I don't think you look mean, either!)

Debby - you'll get there, don't worry! (And if you don't, it just means you won't be poking Amber with all those bones!)

Shell - Stunning, as always. Your friend is too, even though you can't tell her!

Jan - I love it!!! And the pic comes with a bio (though you look even more beautiful in the later photo you posted...with that "I'm up to something" grin! Too cute!)

Sherral - not scary at all!!! You're crazy!! THough I must say, I do like the red-head best, LOL! It looks great!

Lola - you're crazy! You're beautiful!! And Mio's going to be a knock-out, so watch out!!!!

Zanna - you're really beautiful. You look VERY much like a close friend of mine.

Nunny - I agree with Tamara - GREAT pic! You're obviously very expressive, and that pic really captures it!

...and Sam, sorry to say it, but Shell's right. You're so cute!

Shirley - you too!!! (BTW - I love your kitties!)

Sesselja - I thought you said it was a pic of your two kitties, and I was wondering if you'd come up with a new breed, LOL!

Blue...gorgeous, creative and artistic as always! I'm glad you posted the pics that disappeared, they're wonderful!

Ericka - if I worried about the "background" in my pics, I'd never post! It was Christmas! Give us a break! ...and we should ALL get down on the floor and play with our cats, LOL! Love the pic!!!!!

I don't have any real recent ones of me... but other than gaining and losing weight from time to time, I really don't change a whole lot.

Here's a pic my sister's camera took (on autopilot or whatever you call it) last fall/late last summer. From left to right, it's Gary, Me, my sister's husband Jack, and my sister, Susan. (Our RV is in the background!)
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...and somewhere there's a thread where everyone was posting pics of themselves in "crazy" or daring ... basically - not their usual "get ups." I promised I'd post a pic of me from when I lived in India (1984/1985... so let's see... I was... 21/22 then. wow.)

But I obviously am not using the right search terms, because I can't find the thread. So here's the pic (I'm sorry it's so washed out. It's a scan of a not very good pic to begin with):
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Laurie...What a great picture! You and Gary look so cute together!
BTW, you cracked me up with the "autopilot thing"!
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Well,all of you are beautful!
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My god, Laurie! You haven't changed a bit from India to today! Well, except for the bindi.
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That's sweet, Heidi! Thanks, Shell!

And Sherral, I agree. What a great group of people here!

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Heidi - check this out. Talk about picking a style and sticking with it, LOL! This is from my driver's license when I was 17...

(I did have short hair once or twice along the way... ).
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(Although that zit almost looks like a bindi, LOL!)
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