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Sherral, you didn't scare me at all, silly lady! It's a lovely picture! I see you were trying to distract us by holding a little kitten, though. Sneaky, sneaky.
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Another beautiful blond and I did not mean the wee kitten you are holding (AWWWWWW - Want one)!
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Shell! Those are beautiful pics of you!!! And Sherral you don't look scary at all! That is a lovely pic of you!!!
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LOOK AWAY QUICKLY BEFORE THE PICTURE DOWNLOADS AND YOU'RE EXPOSED TO MY PIZZA FACE! Don't say I didn't warn you. I'm only posting this to prove a point to someone who is prettier than I (you know who you are, goth chick)

At least I no longer own the sweater. Sadly, that wasn't the only error in fashion judgement being made at the time...
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I don't see this so called "pizza face". That's a great picture-you've got a wonderful smile. Plus, I love the sweater (if you want fashion errors, I still wear sweaters I wore in college in the late 80's-they're comfortable and still look good, and I'll never give them up).
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Lola...Hon, don't be so hard on yourself! You're beautiful!! I do have to admit, the color of the sweater just isn't your color! I think a bright blue hue would look great with your skin tone! Just my opinion!

BTW...You've got a wonderful smile!
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I love the color of your sweater! And you are beautful!
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I wanted to post some new pictures from today, of my daughter and I.
She was asking me for a kiss.

And here's a couple more of just me if you are interested.

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Angelzoo, you are so pretty! I absolutely love your little girl, too precious!
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LOLA! if i hear one more word out of you about not being pretty i am going to have to come down there and slap you! now i have proof -- you ARE very pretty!!!

love ya, chick!
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Lola, I don't know what you're talking about girl! You are VERY pretty!! Gorgeous smile, too. I hope Mio takes after you because that is one CUTE little guy if he does!

Angel, those are great pics. Your little girl is adorable!
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AngelzOO - What a beautiful picture of you and your daughter!

P.S. Love your avatar!
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Angel, those are beautiful pictures of you and your little girl! You remind me of Julia Roberts. I'll bet you've heard that before.
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Lola - you look beautiful. I kew you would.

Angel great pic and your daughter is such a sweetheart!
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Ok, ok, quit hitting! Well, here's a better pic... 'cause it's not of me! This is Mio clowning around for the camera.

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Yup, I was right! He DOES take after you, and he IS really cute! Gosh, he's only 5? He looks much older than that!!
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He actually looks more and more like his dad as he gets older. When he was a baby, my mom came across a pic of me and said "Look, it's Mio in a dress!" But now, he looks so much more like his dad. I think it's in his expressions. He just turned 6 on Sunday, BTW.
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Willie: lol Mio looks like a cutie. I pictured him a lot younger for some reason. Guess I'm just used to my small fry!

Jeanine: Yeah I do hear it all the time! lol, always have. Some lady at a jewerly store thought I actually WAS Julia for a moment.
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Well...it was a windy day at the beach - my poor hair!
It'll do until I get a better one.

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Zanna, thanks for sharing your pic with us! It is so nice to put a face with the name. Another beautiful Cat Site Member!!
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Great picture, and it reminds me of the summer I spent in Atlantic City! Good memories.
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i think this is different one than i posted before (that i deleted)...

another goofy mugshot...
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Thats a nice picture. You look very pretty, and happy!
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What a great picture Jan!!
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Wow, Jan! whatta babe!
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Very nice picture! You are beauthul.
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AngelzOO, did anyone ever tell you that you look like Julia Roberts??! I think there is quite a resemblence!
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Jan - I think the aliens got you - you're yellow!

Great pic! You are very pretty.
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I'm not jealous!! Who, me? Just because you're so young and pretty? No way! Seriously, you're very attractive, Jan!
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Here is Nunny!
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