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thought i would bump this
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Hi, I'm new =) Introduced myself on the biographies thread and also intro'd me and my kitty on the new cats forum.. Here are some pics:

Here's me at my computer :daisy:
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WOE - What's a good looking guy like you, with a cute little kitty like Charlie, doing in a place full of good looking women like this? Oh wait, I think I answered my own question....

Anna, you are very pretty! Thanks for sharing your pic with us! It usually takes a while for someone to be brave enough to show their pic, but I'm glad your not shy at all.
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Just read the rest of this thread that I hadn't yet read....(make sense? lol )

Lut....beautiful picture of you and your family!

Blue....you are as always a very beautiful mysterious creature!!!! (did I emphasize beautiful...because I meant too...you are beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, Katie. )

WOEll........WHAT A HOTTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annabelle....there are no words to describe how beautiful you are!!!!!! You are simply gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!
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Debby -- i just wanted to say: wow and thank you so much, how very sweet you are, i'm blushing !

and when do we get an updated pic of you?!

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Here is one taken awhile before I got pregnant.....will that do Blue???? (Hey that ryhmes... )

OK...so obviously I am not this skinny now...but I will be...just give me some more time to lose it!!!! :laughing:

Okay.....I seriosuly don't think I will EVER be this thin again ever!! :laughing:
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DEBBY!!!! You are such a babe - I can't believe you're almost the same age as me . . . you look a good ten years younger (AT least) . . .

And you know how to give it large for the camera.

Anabelle - love that fringe, I used to look like that in my in-between-goth-and-rock-chick-days (some while ago now sadly . . .)

Don't have time to go right through the last part of the thread to meet everyone now, but I will as soon as I can, and catch up with all the new bods here.
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anna, you are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

Woe, what a cutie - dang im married LOL
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WOE - What's a good looking guy like you, with a cute little kitty like Charlie, doing in a place full of good looking women like this? Oh wait, I think I answered my own question....[/b]
[i]WOEll........WHAT A HOTTIE!!!!!!!!!!!! Uh huh!!!!! Where you been all my life???[/b]
[i]Woe, what a cutie - dang im married LOL[/b]
You guys rock!!! You all made my day and upcoming weekend.

It feels so good to be complimented and I really can't remember the last time I was. Guess my head has been buried in the sand too long. :laughing:
Have a great weekend and thanks Cat Family.
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anna - i don't think you look mean in that picture. you guys look great!

debby - are you sure you're in your 30's? i want to see some i.d. missy! you look great in that picture.

woe - lookin' good!
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Debby --

wow, thanks for posting a photo, you look amazing.

you don't post enough photos, lady !
and i'm sure you still look fabulous, even post-pregnancy

very beautiful

you are also a cutie WOE

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awww what great pics!!
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Anna - wow, you're cute!

WOE - nice to see that good-looking average Joes are also cat owners!

Debby - awww, you look like one of those tiny gymnasts that I want to pick up and put in my pocket! I'm with Jan... I think we need to card you!
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I'm shocked with your picture! I wish I looked as good as you do...You rock Girl! I agree with the others...are you sure you're in your thirties? I could have sworn you were only 20 in that picture!

You are very pretty...love the hair! I dream of hair like that!

I agree that you are one handsome guy! I'm surprised that you don't get complimented..you're a cutie!
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anna -- sorry i missed your post.

lovely photos, gorgeous hair !
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Thanks guys!!! But I am nowhere near that thin now...that was an older pic, taken awhile before I got pregant....so I was a bit younger, too! :tounge2:

I do look young for my age though....some of the girls I work with said they couldn't believe how old I was when I told them...they thought I was only in my mid twenties. That made my day!!! I am sure it will catch up with me sometime, though....but my whole family has always looked younger than they are. I have a brother who is 60 and looks 45. The woman he is engaged to is 45...noone can believe he is 15 years older than she is.
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thanks for the compliments =)

yola.. I am I guess at the in between goth and business chick stage?? LOL.. I still have the fringe from my blue black hair/bettie page goth look but am now aiming for a more professional look as I am trying to get a professional job.. which will prob nvr happen ..
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blue -

i wish i could take self portraits like that. i always end up with a weird eye effect due to angles. you look great.

my last self portrait was for our work website i used to be webmaster of. (we went to one of those services that have online services that have wizards to build your web. now i just consider myself creative support and the voice of reason -- haha.) i look like an idiot because i took my own pic in a mirror at work.

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Here are a couple of new pic's of me! These were taken in December and I don't think I've changed too much sense then! In one of the pix my best bud Amy is in it too...she'd kill me if she new I put her picture on the Net! But...she is a major cat lover too, so she'd probably be ok with it. I've told her about this site and she said that she'd check it out sometime, but she's pretty busy holding down 2 jobs.
Anyway here they are...BEWARE! LOL!

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gorgeous ladies, blue, auburn and shell!
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Wow! We really have some beautiful people here at the catsite....I just love seeing everyone! Keep em' coming!!

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Originally posted by kimward34
Wow! We really have some beautiful people here at the catsite....I just love seeing everyone! Keep em' coming!!


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those were beautiful pictures, Michelle. You look like such a warm person.

Originally posted by Kiwideus
gorgeous ladies, blue, auburn and shell!
and how about you , missy? any new photos to share ?

Originally posted by Russian Blue


and you too ! i don't believe i've even seen your photograph yet!
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Hope I don't scare anyone!
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Sherral...You look just like a gal who lives in my town! I swear I had to take a double take(maybe even triple take!)!! BTW...You didn't scare me! It's a great picture!!!
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great picture, sherral! it's nice to have a lovely face to go with the name!
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Thanks guys for the sweet comments about my pictures! I just thought I better update the original one I submitted...my "look" tends to change quite often!
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michelle - i missed your post! your pictures are great! you are so beautiful! (great smile)
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