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Unfortunately, I don't have a sound sample. See, I tried to go to MP3.com and register myself, but I didn't really know what I was doing.

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Nenners...your eyes and hair are beautiful! (and so is your cat!) when do we get to see the whole face? I am sure it is as beautiful as the rest of you!!

Ryan....don't know about the bacon frying.....but you are kinda cute Thing is though, I would love to hear your music, but don't know you well enough yet to send you my snail mail...you could be a serial killer for all I know!!! :LOL: Just kidding! But seriously....I really would love to hear your music....I love 70's music! But then again, the whole serial killer thing.... I dunno...
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Serial killers are highly motivated. It seems like it would take a lot of effort to get someone's address off the net and then drive or fly all the way to their house just to kill them. I'm too lazy to do anything like that. Plus, I'm not a loon -which also helps.
I've just downloaded some software that will help me rip my songs fom my CDs and turn them into MP3s. I'm still not sure how to use it . . . but I'm learning.
Till then, I can only assure you that I am neither a serial killer, nor a psycho stalker. Ask me anything you want to know about my personality. . . I'm an open book!
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OK...Ok...enough serial killer chat.......Ted Bundy was an Open Book....LOL!

Hey Ryan what software are you using to convert your MP3's?
I just finished building a website for my friend's band, Macha Gray and I converted all of the songs on his CD using iTunes. All of them ended up being about 1-3MB. If you need some help YELL! I'd be happy to help!

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Kim -I am using Exact Audio Copy, with LAME as an encoder.
I start EAC, slap in my CD, and it shows the tracklist. No track names, just numbers. Then, I click the button that says MP3. Up pops this display window which shows me this blue progress bar. I wait, monitoring the percentage completed. Then, it stops and says it's finished. After that, I'm stumped. Finished doing what? What did it do? I don't know if it's doing what I want it to or not!
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OK...when it says it's finished, it's probably done converting the track to the MP3 format. At that point I would go to FILE, then SAVE AS...and you will probably see Track1.MP3 - Save it to a folder on your desktop. If you can't do SAVE AS try looking for FILE EXPORT...then save it to a folder on your desktop.

If you can see the actual track that you were converting, you can also try "Right Clicking" it and saving it to a folder on your desktop.

Hmmmmmm....lemme' know what happens. We can't wait to hear you!

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Ryan, I really hope I didn't offend you...I was in a weird mood last night, and I was only teasing about the serial killer thing!:tounge2: I think it so cool that you play so many different instruments...you are very talented!!!! I wish I could play the piano...one of my brothers is a concert pianist....he never uses music, and one time he was at a concert, (can't remember which one, but it was a famous gospel rock group) and their pianist was sick...when my brother found that out, he told them he could take his place, just for the night...they said, but you don't know our music, and he told them he could wing it...so he did!!! And it was awesome!!! he is THAT good!!! His hands literally FLY up off the piano and back down when he plays...it is neat to watch him as well as listen to it!!!
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Thanks for your help, Kim. I'm really not very good with computers. I'll tell you how the whole thing works out. Hopefully, if I'm successful, you'll actually be able to hear my music!

Debby -No, I wasn't offended. I figured you were joking, so I tried to play along.
I'm not near as good as a concert pianist -though others may say otherwise. I don't know if I could get up on stage and wing it like your brother . . . even though that's pretty much what I did for two years in Junior High Scool orchestra. I played the violin, but I don't know how to read music. So, I just kind of made things up that went with what we were playing. Nobody ever noticed, so I guess I did a pretty good job.
I started playing piano when I was very young. At some point, my mom and dad realized I was pretty good, so they signed me up for piano lessons. I learned to read music, but that knowledge ended when the lessons ended -about six weeks after they started (or maybe it was six months -I can't remember). My mother would make me sit at the piano for hours practicing, and she would hit me if I played a wrong note. Yeah, it was cruel, but it taught me determination. Anyway, when my dad saw one day that my head had a cut from one of mom's rings, he pulled me out of piano lessons and gave away our piano. It was awful. I cried when they took my piano, and dad allowed me to keep the reading lamp we'd set of top of the thing just to shut me up. After that, I forgot how to read music, and I was never able to relearn it (believe me, I tried).
But, ever since I first sat down at a piano, I have been in love with music. I come from a large, Irish family, and I grew up listening to Irish music, so my work was greatly influenced by that. A lot of my melodies are Irish.
Your brother sounds like an extremely talented person. I know what it's like to grow up with music. It's hard sometimes to have a good ear and an instinctive knowledge of the way music functions because militant music theorists frown on prodigy. They believe music is all math and science . . . something to be learned and not something a person just knows. They reduced it to theory and nomenclature, and they suck the life out of it. They have lost sight of the true core of beauty in music:
If it sounds good, do it.
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Ryan, my fellow musician and lover of the written word, I'm going to disagree with you on that one! Music theory, especially that theory pertaining to the Baroque, Classical, and (some of) the Romantic era really serves as an explanation of what our ears want to hear anyway! We want chords to resolve, because it makes us feel slightly uneasy when they don't. We want melody to move in steps and small skips, because melodies that jump all over the place are difficult to remember or sing.

Since the early part of the twentieth century, almost anything goes! As long as you know what you're doing, you can break the rules. As a result, we have some of the strangest, weirdest music ever written-polytonality, atonal, synthetic, and aliatory music. Some people love it; it gives me a headache!

I'm not talking about heavy metal, punk, or alternative; I'm talking about classical music. I am a classical musician, complete with degree, with years of experience singing with a professional opera company and accompanying many rehearsals on the piano for staging rehearsals when the accompanist was ill.

I am one of those child prodigies you speak of, having started singing in public, and in the process of being primed for the stage when I was four, a classical pianist who learned all the instruments of the symphony orchestra, and a student of music theory. So, I have to respectfully disagree. I can also play by ear, and appreciate jazz musicians for their amazing ability to improvise. However, I am very grateful for my training since it gives me the best of both worlds! It would make matters much easier for you if you could transcribe what you hear and write your original music on manuscript paper. You could make your life so much easier than it is, and be more respected in the music world! It's a tough field, and unless you get a lucky break, you need everything possible going for you to make it--talent, knowledge, and the breaks!

I'm sure you know that Beethoven was completely deaf when he wrote some of his greatest music. He wrote down what he heard in his head, because his ears were useless. Anyone can learn, especially those born with a gift. I believe it was Count Basie, of big band fame, who finally got sick of doing it the hard way and learned to read music when he was about 60. You're young! Go for it. (Sorry for the digression folks, but music is one of my favorite topics!)
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Jeanie G.
How refreshing to hear an intelligent opinion about music!
See, you know what music is supposed to be! My experience with fellow musicians has been pretty bad. I wrote a song on my guitar in D#. The verse goes D#,C#,G#; it's an oft-used progression. The boys in the band I was with at the time arugued with me to no end!
Them: "That song can't be in D#, because there is no C# in the key of D#!"
Me: "Hey, it works doesn't it? The song has a B#m, and an A# . . . the song's in D#!"
Unfortunately, I didn't (and don't) know enough about music theory to proove I was right. I think I was right . . .
Anyway, that's just a small sample of the knuckleheads I've encountered in my attempts to work with other musicians.
It's not that I believe music theory is unimportant, I just think that music is flexible. If I read your post right, you believe this, too, and that warms my heart. I am so sick of musicians who limit their creativity to only what it acceptable within the rigid bounds of their idea of music theory. Their compositions end up being tremendous technical accomplishments, but the have no soul -they're all theory.
Them: "I put this note here because it goes here."
Me: "Yeah, but it sounds like butt. It's totally dissonant, and it hurts my ears."
Them: "Yeah. That's the point."
It's good to see that I'm not alone in my beliefs about music!

Also, many people have told me that I will never be able to achieve my full potential unless I learn how to read and write music. In truth, I'm not interested in fame or money. I love writing and playing and that's why I do it. Have you ever seen guitar tablature? it is so easy to read! I can't help but think that piano notation could be a whole lot easier than it is to read. Of course, maybe not.
Truth is I just don't want to learn to read music again. Maybe there's some bad associations with reading music in my mind . . . I don't know.
Maybe I'm limiting myself as a composer -but I feel free as a lyricist and I'm happy to play by ear.
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Ryan, I too have some musical background, but not to the extent that you and Jeanie do. I think if you enjoy music and can play it, you are fine without knowing how to read the notes. My s/o is a pretty good classical guitar player, and he has written some songs, too. He doesn't read music, but I do. So we have worked together to write down his music in standard form. It was hard, but worth it. Who knows, maybe he'll get it published some day.

In my experience as a singer (my college's concert choir) I have come across some really odd music. Sometimes it's composers trying to be cutting edge, but it usually just sounds like noise. I remember one song, there were so many notes jarring together at the same time, I just picked whatever I felt like. It didn't seem to matter. I don't remember anything else about that song.

People should be more flexible about music, what good is it if the note is where is should be, but it sounds like crap?
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There are some chords that just sound awful, regardless of whether they are logical within music theory or not. Of course, this is just my opinion. I took a class in HS called "Piano." The teacher tried to teach us music theory but I just didn't pay enough attention. She HATED me, and she told me. She made it perfectly clear that she needed notes to play but I could make up songs on the spot, and that made her angry.
Anyway, this teacher was in love with seconds. She wrote these compostitions using seconds and I thought it sounded horrible. Go from a second to a seventh and then back for eight measures and that's supposed to sound great? Theoretically, you can do it, but why would you want to?
Some people believe that music theory is the law by which all music should be written.
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Ryan, Check your private messages. By the way, 2ds. and 7ths. are dissonances. She probably didn't resolve them, but in Twentieth Century music it's allowed. I don't like to do it much, though.
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Wow! I can't add anything intelligent to this conversation since I know zip about reading music...I can play some short simple songs on the piano, I did take lessons for a few years as a child, but can't remember much of it...I do sing, though...I am asked to sing at alot of weddings and I love to sing...I always wanted to be a singer in a rock band...that would have been cool! I think it horrible that your mother treated you that way!!!!!
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when it comes to my mom, debby, you don't know the half of it.

About music, I don't know anything about it either. I know what notes I'm playing, but that's it. Some people are shocked by this. It's like crawling around and saying, "I never learned to walk."
I'm always amazed at the things people take as universal and simple truths, as well as the things that amaze people.
When I tell people that I don't celebrate holibays, I always get the same reaction: "What?! Are you a Jehova's Witness?"
I don't celebrate holidays because they mean nothing. We in this society hold holiday traditions dear, even though we may have no idea why we're celebrating. I personally chose not to give in to the immense social pressure to celebrate holidays. A holiday is just a day. That's all. Whatever meaning it has is not intrensic -it is given significance by people. Holidays are, for the most part, lip service to some empty an idealistic morality. I don't need special days when all the stores are closed to remind me to be a decent human being. Holidays aren't necessary. I wanna hang out with my parents, I do it. Wanna buy dad a gift? I don't have to wait for Christmas, I'll do it whenever I want. You know? I do celebrate birthdays, though. Birthdays are not holidays, they're your day. I think everyone needs at least one "me day" a year. My birthday, however, is on Valentine's Day. I don't celebrate that Hallmark holiday.
It makes sense to me, but people are still stunned when they find out I don't celebrate holidays. Some people just can't get their heads around it. The sit and stare, mouth gaping, eyes glazed, stupified. Their expression and posture -as well as the zombie face- scream out to me, "How can that be?" It's really pretty funny!
They act like someone just said, "Hey, guess what. A flying saucer just touched down outside, and Jesus got out. By the way, it landed on your car."
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Thought I'd better get mine on here as well. Yikes!!! Me with Kitty, since Lucky isn't quite ready for the holding phase yet.
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Sandi, Thanks for putting a face to the personality. Kitty is lovely too. Next time, maybe Lucky will grace us with his picture! Have a blessed and joyous Christmas!
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Sandi that is a great picture of you!!!! You are as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside!!!
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Meet the beautiful Barb! (jugen). I finally coaxed her into sending pics!!!!

Barb - this pic isn't make your case for being stressed out from work! You look very relaxed and happy!!!!!
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Hi Sandi!!! It's so wonderful to finally "see" you!!!!! I don't know how I missed this before, but I'm so glad I found it now!!!!!

BTW - wonder if you could do that with your Lucky lady now? :tounge2:
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That was taken right after I came back from finishing up with work stuff for the night so I WAS relaxed for the night anyway... LOL!
Thanks for posting that..now on to my darn avatar..
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I think the time will be coming fairly soon when I can get a photo of Lucky. Probably with Kevin vs. me first. Although, now when she comes up on the bed she'll head right for me with a mission - to be petted, petted and petted some more. I am certainly not complaining! I've waited too long for this. Kevin just thought if I was the one to go in there more often by myself (without him) she'd come around more to me - and that's what's happening.

I'll be sure to post as soon as I get that photo.

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I never have seen this thread! I was going through it and thought it was so cool to see everyone! Some people I thought were chicks were GUYS!! LMAO OOPS!

Well, I am a CHICK and I think I shall share now I can't add to the Wedding thread because we don't do that until April!! BUT...this is Roger and I riding the Mean Streak last May at Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH.
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One more...
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You are very pretty Carrie!
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Carrie...You are beautiful! What a great smile!
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Ditto - what a cute couple!
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lol Thanks...I think! I do NOT see myself like ANYTHING you guys say, but I appreciate the flattery, anyway!
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Barb and Carrie! I had not yet seen your pictures!!! WOW! You BOTH are just beautiful! And Carrie, I LOVE the rollercoaster pic!! It looks like you were having so much fun!
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DEBBY! Where are YOUR pictures, my dear?? :tounge2:
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