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Thank you Mr. Cat I was actually trying to show off my unibrow resemblance to Bert.

Debby, I just found that pic of Bert, origianlly holding a board with those magnetic letters on it, took it into Paint Shop Pro, zoomed in 5 or 6 times and cut Bert's hand off. Then I cropped and reduced my pic, rotated it a bit, stuck it on the board and put Bert's hand back on. I'm glad you enjoyed it You are all so swett!
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Well I was totally impressed! And still am!!!
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Anne - I finally found a pic of myself so I thought I'd post it for the members gallery page. It's not a very good pic, but it's all I've got. Funny how I have so many of the kids and pets but none of me.
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Oh Dawn....that is a GREAT picture!! I really like it!!!
You are beautiful!
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Hey Dawn - how good it always feels to put a face to a name! You're a beautiful woman!!! Is this your child???
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Dear Dawn :angel2:

Wow, what a gorgeous woman and beautiful little boy! Thanks for posting your pic. It's so nice to see you!

Love, Peace &
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Thanks guys for your kind words. Yes, Billie, Adam is my little boy. He's 2 and a half (can't remember how hold he was in the picture). He is a cutie, isn't he!
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dawnt91; I always knew you had a beautiful spirit; now i see a lovely face to match. You look too young to have two children. What a cute little boy! Can't wait to see the rest of the family. . . .

Also, WELCOME, Antonio!!!
We LOVE new members. Have you gone to the Lounge and started a thread to introduce yourself? We would love to hear all about you an your family.(2 or 4 legged or both!)
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Here's picture of my kids last Christas. Amy was 4 and Adam was almost 2.
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Max was the abondoned kitten I tried to save from a pet shop, but he died two weeks after I got him. Amy really was excited when we got him, as you can see in this picture.
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Dear Dawn :angel2:

My goodness!!! :angel2::angel2: Talk about gorgeous children!!! You sure have been blessed girl! I guess this is what the little red x's turned out to be that I had no idea what WashuSama was looking at. I guess they showed up on her computer screen and not mine. Right after I posted your children's pictures appeared before my eyes! I was like "WOWOWOOWOWOWOW!!!" How adorable!

Thanks for showing us your photos. I just realized that this second picture's caption was of a baby you lost....I'm very sorry. I'm sure your little girl was broken hearted as well, what a beautiful kitten. I hope all's well with your present furbabies.

Take Care and thanks again...
Love, Peace &
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dawnt91; Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous! What beautiful blonde angels :angel2:
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Dawn you and your children are absolutely adorable! I can just see the halo above their heads You must be a very proud mommy! Your daughter has the most beautiful hair!!! I wish I was lucky enough to get hair like that

Get ready to break out the shotgun.. that girl is gonna have so many boys chasing after her.. you'll be ready to scream!!! :LOL:
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Anne I finally found a photo of me it is not a good one but it will work for the Gallery.
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you are a very pretty lady Simon's Mommy! Thanks for sharing!
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Hi Simon's Mommy:angel2:

That's a very pretty picture of you Looks like a game day too! Or something fun!

Love, Peace &
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Simon's Mommy....... you said it was "NOT A GOOD ONE"??????????
I beg to differ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are very pretty!!! And what a devious little smile you have in that photo!
I am thinking you are my kind of friend.....a beer in one hand, and a cig in the other!!!!!!!!! :laughing:

I wish I could remember your real name....crap....is it Rhea? Or am I pulling this name out of my imagination, or from some other members post??
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I think Bodlovers name is Rhea. I could be wrong though

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No, you are right, that is Bodlovers name....I just came here to edit out that mistake, but too late, you had already replied!!!
So what is your first name simon's mommy? Michele comes to mind, but that is my last guess!!! I feel like such an idiot!!!
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Simons Mommy's name is Nicole
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Nicole!!!!!!!! Thank you Sandie!!!!!!
You know I will never remember that...
Please Nicole, for the sake of old ladies (35) with bad minds....add your name to the bottom of your posts, in your profile!
You don't have to, but I hope you do....I love making friends with all you guys, and first names seem so much more personal....
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Hey Little Sister :angel2:

Looks like I'm agreeing with you all over the place tonite! Yes, I like calling people by their first name also, unless of course they feel uncomfortable with that.

Love, Peace &,
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Thanks everyone for the nice comments!
Catarina here is the photo of KittyFoot and Tac that you wanted to see.

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For those of you inclined to print out the pic for your dartboard...may I remind you that I am holding an innocent cat in my arms!!!!!:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

And I'm glad Barb posted THIS pic of me!!!!!!There are others that....ummmm..best leave that unsaid.
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Kittyfoot and Meme,

Finally we're able to put a face with the names. You both make a great couple. I am now going to post a picture of me and the only man in my life I let walk all over me and get away with it.
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Donna!!!! What an adorable little dog!!! What is his name???
And that is a really nice picture of you!!! I saved it so I would always have it in my files! What a pretty picture!!! (of you both!)

And Kittyfoot....I really liked the picture of you with the cat!! What a handsome face!!!!(And YOUR not bad looking either!!)
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Uh Debby,

That's a cat...his name is MooShoo. :laughing2 Don't worry, people ask me all the time what kind of dog he is. My reply is "catdog". That's my boy!


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Oh Donna, you shouldn't post any more pics of MooShoo because I'll finally fly there and try to sneak him out in a bag!!!
He's such a cute boy I'm in love with him!!!!!!
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Donna...MooShoo is a great little guy,I think it's the color pattern that fools folks. At a quick glance he does resemble a terrier breed and some of their markings...but the boy is all cat. No wonder you love him.

BTW..that half smile expression on my face was because Tac was in the process of sticking his claws into my arm in response to the flash!!!!!:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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Donna....Oh boy is my face RED!!!!!!!!
I feel so ! I was having a huge brainfart at the time, and I apologize!!!
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