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Great pic!!! Now, are you short, or is your blokey really tall!??!!? :laughing: You both look great!
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Im 5'1" LOL and Jake is 6'3" so Im short and Jake is tall LOL
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Get him to take those big shoes off, he'll drop 3 inches Oh don't tell him I said so.

*me hides.
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LOL Ill try!:laughing:

Its totally unfair, I am the eldest in my family of 7 kids, but I am the shortest. Where is the justice in that!?
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Growbags in your shoes may help. Nout wrong with being short, it means clothes aren't as expensive. Costs me a fortune in clothes
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I'm 5'2" and I'm pretty sure my clothes cost just as much as a tall woman's clothes... I know baby clothes are darn expensive - and they're teeny weeny things!!! So unfortunately, BunN, they just don't discriminate against us like they should!

VERY cute pic!!!! And you should DEFINITELY take the time to post over in the Pictures!Pictures! thread.

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I have tried putting this picture into the pictures pictures thread, but it wont let me because I already have this picture up.
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You look adorable! And you don't even look pregnant there!! I don't know what to tell you about posting the pic over there, maybe Anne can help.
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Or...I just thought of this...I could merge this thread over into that one for you...but I have to go offline soon and won't do it unless you say it's okay.
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sure that is fine with me Debby, thanks so much!


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Done deal!
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Kellye and Debby - you did it! YAY! :tounge2:
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Thanks Debby!!! (c:
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Let see some updated photos!!!!

(I'll post mine later!)
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Hmmm. I don't really have any new ones of me and my daughter or me and Kirt, and the good ones I did have I lost during a HD format. I'm always the one behind the camera anyway!

Chantal & Me

Me & Kirt

Most recent one of me
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Great pics Angel. Chantal is a real cutie pie!!
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Great pics Angel! Your baby girl is a sweety pie.
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Yup - great pics!!!! Chantal has gorgeous eyes!!!!
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Here's one of me. Sorry it's a wedding pic but I don't have a scanner and my mother-in-law does and sent it to me so it's the only one I have on my computer.

Boy we are quite a beautiful bunch. I loved all your pics!!

By the way my real name it Valerie but Kyttin has always been my nickname so it stuck here too.
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Well sorry guys I can't get it to work......

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Your picture may need to be resized, if you have irfanview you can resize it to less than 400 pixels, or if you like, you can email it to me and I am happy to do it for you and post it for you. My email address is kiwideus@netscape.net

Kellye (c:
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I wanted to add this, since it's a better picture of her, and just from a month ago. The other pix I'm sure is familure to some Beavis and Butthead fans, it's something she used to like to do herself but has now outgrown.

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Aww she is such a pretty girl!
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Yeah, she loves the camera too! It's hard to get a pix of her because she is always right up close! "You take my picture? Picture please!"

At least my cats just sit there and take it, their easy
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This is Kyttin, on her wedding day - isnt she gorgeous???
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Kyttin - you look STUNNING! The flowers are beautiful. What are they?
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Gorgeous pic Kyttin!!
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Great pictures all.... It's great to match the name with the face!
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Great pic! I love wedding pics, everyone looks so happy.
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AAwww shucks guys I'm blushing...thanks for your comliments. Everyone here is beautiful!!

Yola, the flowers were silk roses and lilies with some english ivy. A close friend of my family all my bouqets as my wedding gift.

A really big thanks to Kiwideus for doing this for me. I'm not real good at this computer stuff yet. Thank you

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