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Here's me. This was on my 30th birthday. The cheesy grin is due to the wine we were drinking that night. . .
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Great idea about the wedding pics thread!!!
Heidi and Bren, you both look great!!! Gorgeous!! (and Bren, I have a few of those "wine intoxicated pics" myslef... :laughing: )
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But Brenda - make-up just doesn't create the same "rosy glow!" You look great!
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Okay.........if you guys are brave enough to post pics not that you need to be because you are all gorgeous then I am going to jump in and scare you all with mine LOL!

This picture was taken by Louise and Lee at the Cat Show! It is the most flattering *sigh* I had to crop it a bit to cut out all the fat rolls though LMAO!!! Oh dear never mind you guys have to love me anyway! If you just squint and focus on Tatyana and then it looks a whole lot better! So without further ado!!!!!!!!
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Aww great pic Bundy!! you loook faaaabulous dahling!!! and lickle Tatyana is adorable!!
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Heidi, Brenda and Bundy.....JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

Keep 'em coming!
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Leslie, I don't know what's wrong with you. We are all our own worst critics, but you win the prize! Well - Heidi is pretty hard on herself too.

Stop beating yourself up so much! (You too, Heidi!) You're gorgeous! You really have no need to be so darn self-conscious. We're not all in love with the image of stick-thin models.

You're a beautiful person, inside AND OUT - and don't you forget it!!!!!!!!!

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hi guys, I'm really sorry but I can't find a single picture of me or my cats that fit to the specifications of TheCatSite. So here's the web page where you can see us. http://groups.msn.com/RELM/mypics.msnw?albumlist=2
Hope you enjoy.
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Here ya go Tamme! I just downloaded the pic and cropped to the right size. Hope that's OK.
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Brenda, that's a great pic. You look like you are having so much fun! I would have never guessed that pic to be your 30th birthday, 25 maybe!

Leslie, I don't care what you think, you are beautful. Just ask Pete! No, really, you have such an expressive face, and just beautiful eyes. Focus on the things you can see as positive. We all see lots of them!

Tamme, I loved all the pics in your album. You are also very pretty! And your kitties are very cute, too!
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Thank-you so much Heidi! Of course that's ok. Now I actually have a picture of myself on TheCatSite! Whoo-hoo!
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Heidi, I was having a lot of fun that day. I think I like that picture because I remember how special Dan made me feel. You should take your own advice about looking at the positives. Your personality shines through in your picture, you look so happy and we all know what a great person you are.

Leslie, you don't have to be so hard on yourself either. You look very pretty in your picture.

It's too bad we are all so hard on ourselves. Somehow, I think some men think they look good even if we don't think they do We've all met them, right ladies?
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Leslie - what a babe!

Brenda - that is a great pic - you look like you are having so much fun I get the urge to join you

Tamme - what a great pic of you and your cat!
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Well I have managed to find one of me,when I am almost sober. I am a bit camera shy so the only time anyone has been able to get pictures of me is when I am a bit merry

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It's a little fuzzy, but from what I can see of you, you are lovely! No need to be camera shy, Marie!
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Gee Thanks Guys

I agree with what everyone says about you all being so beautiful both inside and out. I look back on the photos of me in my late teens and 20s when I did a bit of modelling and had a figure and I just want to cry. Back then I can see the girl that everyone said was good looking and had a great body etc but, I was too shy and introverted and didn't believe it then either! I am shocked by the way I look now, I see the fat rolls, the double chin (or is it triple LOL!) The bad skin, dark circles, and wrinkled goose flesh on my neck, and all the at 36!!! I want to get motivated to do something about it but I guess the pain barrier has given me an excuse!

I don't think I have heard of anyone who is happy with themselves. We don't see ourselves through others eyes. I guess it's a bad habit to get into, to criticise yourself and put yourself down. We come from a society that abhors self love and appreciation, instead classifying it as vain and sinful. We are forever bombarded with airbrushed pictures of how a woman should look as dictated by mostly homosexual males in the fashion industry, to be larger than a size 8 means strict dieting and exercising. Gone are the days when a woman was revered when she had lot's of curves. In the olden days if a woman was skinny she was considered ill and of poor stock. I also don't know many men who want their woman to be like a stick insect but, still we battle on trying to attain the unattainable! Our lives wasted away with self hatred and loathing, I am ashamed to go out into public, self-conscious of my body and face! Oh how I wish that I didn't care, that I could be happy with me because it's all I've got! I am working on it!

Sorry for the long ramble. I do honestly see the beauty both outside and in with everyone here, but find it so hard to turn that inwards towards myself.

Thank you all for your sweet and your kind comments. As always you guys are the best!
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Leslie - you have a lovely face, I can't see anything wrong with your figure, and your hair is a fabulous colour.

We all see the worse in ourselves and have a tendency not to believe people when they say we look good (I know, I've had the most major crises of confidence about my body, and it's caused all sorts of problems).

Stupid thing is, I'm not fat, not especially ugly, not too tall or too short But I only see the shortcomings not the whole effect.

So don't you worry, you're way ahead of me in the looks stakes, and you're a year younger!!! Grrrrr.
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Ah Yola me mate!!! You make me laugh! Thanks for the encouragement! So you are older than me hey???? hehhee! I'll have to remember that so that I mind my P'S and Q'S LOL!
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Hey Ozbird - I'm only ONE year older!!!

You make me sound like a grandma (hehe)
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Hey Granny LMAO!!! Nah mate just dhowing a bit of respect for the elderly heheheheheh! Ya knows I luvs ya!!!!!!
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Louise....what a beautiful picture of you and Lee!!!! You are very pretty!!!!

Bunn...I loved your pic...count me in as one more person who thinks you are attractive! What is your real name by the way? And when is your big wedding day?

Heidi...I never get tired of seeing pics of you....you are as beautiful outside as you are inside!!!!

Brenda...What a cute picture! Looks like you were having alot of fun!!!! You are so very pretty, too!!!

Leslie....you need never apologize for the way you look or feel bad about it at ALL!!!! I see a very beautiful woman in that picture!!!! I only wish you could see it as well!!!! You have such a great personality and your beauty matches it! I mean that!!!!!

Tamme....that is a great picture of you with your cat!!!! You also are very pretty!!!!!! (and so is the cat. )

Wibble...can't see yours very well...are you sure the person taking the pic wasn't just a bit tipsy as well? :laughing: But from what I can see you look very pretty!!! You have no need to be camera shy!!!
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Ahhh debby, we all see you as eing so beautiful too! But as I can remember even you are unhappy with yourdelf even though we don't think you have any reason to be. Thank you for your kind words, I'll work on me and you work on you too okay?

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So Wibble...you're a little wobbly? :tounge2: Although the pic is a little fuzzy (Debby must be right about the picture taker!) you look so cute! I agree - no need to be camera shy!!!!

And Tamme - what a great pic! You looked so glamourous in your wedding photos, and you look so cute here!

Leslie - you've already had the lecture from me!

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I already posted this one on the Wedding Thread...but then BodLover told me about this thread. Somehow I must have over looked it all of these months...but it's so cool to see everyone pictures! Everyone is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I do hope more people post their pictures...I'm dying to see what everyone looks like!
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Shell!!!! You are just beautiful!!! I still think you could be a model!!!! ( I think I said that in the other thread, but if not, I'm saying it again!!)

Make sure you e-mail Anne and ask her to submit that pic into the members gallery!!!
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Yep, you could be a model

I was asked by a model rep once to model for a large clothing company, then I woke up, lol.
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Yeah BuNN - don't say things like that - remember we've all seen you picture!!! (LOL)
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Ok, now that I have worked out my scanner, I decided you may as well know what I look like. I just hope that your monitors don't break! This picture was taken when I was 5 months preggers with my little angel.

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Cute picture! You may also want to post a picture of yourself in the pictures pictures thread, where you will also see pictures of many other members.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...=&threadid=792

Our webmaster, Anne, eventually takes the pictures from this thread and reposts them in the members gallery. Here is a link to that thread. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...&threadid=1657
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Kellye, that's a great pic! What a beautiful location, too.
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