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I'll post your family picture for you, Ghys.....I hope this is the one you meant...give me a second....
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Here is Ghyslaine and her beautiful family!!!
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You're too funny Debby! I just about busted a gut when I read that. You must have done a double key hit!

Thanks so much for posting the picture for me. You are a doll. Now how come it comes out so nice and clear for you??? Aaaargh! Someday I will get this right!
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I don't know why it comes out nice and clear....I just used the pic you e-mailed me and all I did was resize it down to 400 pixels and post it!
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Beautiful Pictures!!! I posted a pic or 3 of my 3 kittens under the digital pics thread I started
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Ok, gotta join in...
This is Lee and I.
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Wow!! What great pics everyone!! You ALL look faaaabulous!!

And Debby is famous for her typo's you know.... in fact it was one of her typo's that started a veeeerrrryyyyyy looooooong thread about a certain "pop Star" a while back!!!! Oh yes, you know what I mean Beddy.... :LOL: :LOL:
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I hope you're all ready for something quite horrible, if not, make yourself some tea/coffee/vodka and prepare thouselves for a sight only seen as attractive by my fiancee(spelling) and I think our cat.

Note the evil red eyes and the slighty bad haircut. Also how I lean forward to get into shot. Eeek the horror!

And no I refuse to smile, I always feel self consious (sp, again)
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Hey, BuNN, I hate smiling too. I feel such a geek when I see a smiling picture of me - I think it goes back to when I had a gap inbetween my front teeth (thank heaven for veneers)!!

I think you've got really nice eyes.

It's great to see everyone's pictures. The batteries ran out on my friend's digital camera after the 3 shots of my cats so I didn't get a chance to take some of me.

Another time soon, when he's charged the batteries up again!
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BuNN - thats a great pic!! Mr Serious eh!?!? hehehehe I know what you mean about smiling, though just wait till your wedding day!!! All the darn photos!! By the end of the day my smile was soooo tired it looked ridiculous!! (and my face ached!! hahaha)

And Yola.... thats such a LAME excuse!! I demand a photo - NOW!! :laughing:
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Hehe, I'll look the picture of misery on my wedding day. They'll be asking me if I was being married or going to the electric chair....oops better be careful here, she may read this later :o
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Ah Bod - you'll just have to wait in anticpation for a while longer.

My hubbs is doing some work for a company that imports digital cameras and own label badge them. They sell for about 50 pounds. If he does a couple of good projects for them I'll ask him to see if he can blag one off them for a good price and them I'll have my own!
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Great!!! Get me one too!!! :LOL: (just joking!!)
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I can't see the pic! No fair!
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Ady, put your glasses on then!! :LOL: :LOL:
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Glasses are on and clean! But it just shows little broken box!
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Hmm, well I don't know then, if its broken... maybe some sticky tape?? :laughing:
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All these great pics of our wonderful members! It is nice to put faces with names.

BuNN, you should see some of my wedding photos! Hubby also doesn't smile for pictures and he looks like a mafia hit man in about half of them. LOL
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Heidi - I haven't gone back through the whole thread, but did you post a pic here? I know you posted in the Support Group - but where's one here! I DEMAND TO KNOW.

If you want to be in the members' gallery, you need to post it here first!

Go for it girl! With all these "serious" people, we need that winning smile!

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That big enough for ya?
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Now whats that if it ain't a SPAM?!?!?!
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A big smiley frog? :tounge2:
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No, I'm bad and haven't posted a pic here. Actually the pic I posted on the Support Group thread is the only one I have (since we still haven't paid off the album, probably never will). Gee, since I already posted it elsewhere I'm not allowed to post it again. Too bad. (I really hate pics of myself!)
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Oh Heidi, don't say that! You're so beautiful and wonderful it can't help but shine through! If you want to be in the member's gallery, you CAN e-mail the picture to Anne and explain the problem (about posting twice).

I know money's tight, but you really should get your wedding photos. And if you can't get over "not liking" your own photos, think of them as memories, not pictures of you!

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Ummmmm......ok, if that is true, then I better stop posting pics! I think I have waaaay too many pictures posted. Does that make me a photomaniac?

Laurie is right, you are beautiful Heidi, inside and out!!!!
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OK! OK! OK! Here's a pic of me, from the wedding photo.

We do want to eventually get the wedding album, but we still owe a lot on it and when it comes down between electric bill, food, kitty food, etc. and paying some on that it usually gets pushed back.

But here it is...
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Heidi - you look great! You've got that lovely look which I think is called 'blushing bride' which is an expression of real bliss and happiness.

It'd be a shame if you don't get the photos as mementoes of your special day, but I completely understand priorities and such stuff . . .
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I just love your dress!! You look absolutly beautiful!!
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Oh Heidi - that's wonderful! You know - so many people like wedding pics, I wonder if someone should start a Wedding Pics thread? (I don't think it should be me - Gary was wearing jeans and I was wearing a cotton summer dress - cream with blue flowers!)

And believe me, I totally understand about money and priorities. But here's a thought. When things were super duper tight for Gary and I, we saved up for special splurges by saving our change. Each time you and Earl come in, just empty the change (and occassionally a dollar bill or two) into a box. Even if you end up raiding it for the bills in there, over time you can save up quite a bit!!!
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You will add your pix to the rest of ours won't you??? I'll have to thae a friend scan and send my photos!
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