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Ok. Here's the most recent one of me I guess.

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here I am with a lapful of love- Kabota and Shredder. My original photo went bye-bye when Photopoint went belly-up......
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Here is a recent pic of me. I cropped out the s/o so that he could remain forever an alphabetic mystery. (No, the half of the blonde chick you see is not the s/o.)
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Wow, you all look so great! I have not one photo of myself ( or at least one that is good enough to share ) that I can post yet. But my mission is to get one up here soon!!
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Awww, shucks AP! I really thought that might be him in drag or something
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What beautiful pictures!
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GREAT pictures!!!! We have such a good looking bunch here!
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Were you in the Blair Witch Project?
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I hope I'm not scaring anyone...Here's me and Kitty
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What a great pic! Kitty is so tiny there!
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Sabra, I just wanted to make sure that I didn't 'confuse' anyone about my personal preferences.

K&C what a cute pic!! you and kitty are adorable!
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Kitty was about 4 months old when taking that pic, what a sweetheart!
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Kitty & Casper...that is a great picture! You are very pretty, and Kitty is adorable!
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Here is a picture of me and my two children. Armando and Kimberly. This was taken in the Christmas season of 2000.

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Great pic Nena10! Your kids are adorable!
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Great photo, Nena! Your kids are very cute & you are a very pretty girl!
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I'm thinking of posting a pic of me...... Not sure if I want to do one of me that was taken last year or a few days before I got married.
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Nena! That is a very pretty picture of you!!! And your children are just adorable!!!!
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Nena, that pic is adorable! You all look so happy. Your kids are soooo cute!!
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What a wonderful family! You all look so happy!
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Thanks everyone! Now you know what I look like!
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It said if I had an interest in being in the members' gallery I should post a pic here. Don't know if you need a certain number of posts or what, but either way, I'm smiling a big "HI" to everyone! I love seeing everyone else, so guess I should stick one of me up. Our digital camera isn't so good, but here goes.....

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Hi LDG! Nice to finally *see* you! What a nice picture.........but where are the cats???? LOL
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That is such a pretty picture!!!! I love putting faces and names together.
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Thanks! - Hissy - kitties are behind me, playing in the box.
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Photo of me.... don't be scared!

Lizza (pronounced Lisa)
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Hi Lizza! I just posted my picture this morning.

Why would we be scared? You're beautiful - you sure don't look like you bite! Thanks for posting. I love matching names & faces, and many others here do too. :tounge2:
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I Bite.......grrr!!!

(don't forget it!)
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It's so nice to see pictures of everyone.

If and when I get a scanner/digicam, I'll post pics of my furbabies - not sure about me though . . .

Laurie - you look so natural and relaxed. Lhezzza - Californian babe or what!

We're all a bit more aneamic this side of the water . . . except Bod, who looks like some chick from the Med. with all that dark hair and pouting . . . hehe.
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