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Joe!!! That is an awesome picture of you!! I like that one even better than the other one you posted here a long time ago.

You are as adorable as your personality!!!!!!!!!

What are you doing with the headphones? Listening to music?

I need to get a more recent picture of myself up here, and one that is in color. I'm sure by now everyone is tired of seeing my face everywhere... :LOL:

Maybe after the baby is born and I lose some of the weight I gained, I can take a nice pic of me and the baby to post here.
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Hello! Yes, I was listening to some music when I made that photograph. Thank you for your flattering remarks!

And let's not have any more talk of a delay in your posting a recent image. We insist you reveal yourself!


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Oh but Joe...I'd really rather not take a pic when I am almost 6 months pregnant! (even my face looks a little fatter)
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Thanks for asking! So far so good!!! And where is your picture, my dear? it's your turn!! We want to see that beautiful face!
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That is a GREAT picture! I knew you had a beautiful face!!!
Thanks for posting it!!!!
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By the way...you don't look old enough to have a 20 year old daughter.
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I am really looking forward to it!! I want to be a good mother!! I am just so new to all of this, and even though I am 36, I have never been around babies for any length of time, so I have no clue what to do...but I have bought lots of books, and have several friends with kids who will answer any questions I have. I know I ask them the dumbest questions...like "should I buy panties to go over the diapers, or are just the diapers good enough for undies?" They probably get a kick out of me, but that's the only way I can find these things out!!! :laughing:

Also, I wanted to add, you look so much like a woman I know here, named Annie. Her hubby works for my brother, and she is a doll!! A really awesome person to know! You look just like her!!
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Susieq-what a great picture! You look very nice...and younger than you are.
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Yeah Debby, I wanna see a picture of your baby girl in one of my hand made "square things" I keep promising to send to you!!! (hmmm, though you might have to make the arm holes yourself ok?? :LOL: )

Great pic by the way Susie Q!
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I was 31 when I had my daughter, and I was the youngest person in my family until well into my 20's, so I had absolutely zero experience with babies. I spent the whole pregnancy reading everything and talking to anybody who had children that weren't complete disasters. I learned a ton of stuff, and I didn't need a lot of it. I am going to give you exactly one piece of advice: The most important thing I learned is that, no matter how qualified other people are, I am the expert on my child. I know her better than anyone else does (at least until she is a teenager) and my instinct about her is the subconscious total of that knowledge. It includes all the things I can't articulate but I know them just the same. My gut has never led me wrong. So talk to the experts and listen to the advice, but listen to yourself and don't take their advice when it goes against your heart, because you are the expert on your own child.

You're going to do just fine.
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"make the arm holes yourself"... Rhea....you just crack me up!! :LOL:
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Well you know.... they might come in usefull.... don't wanna put her in a cocoon!!! :LOL:
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And Thanks Sunlion for the advice!!!!! I appreciate it!
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Debby, I'm quite confident you'll be a wonderful mother! Best wishes to you! *continues to wait for a photograph*

Susie Q., you look great in that photograph! I guarantee that if the State of Vermont put your picture on the cover of its tourist brochures, an increase in the flow of visitors would ensue.


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I'm diappointed. I click the x's and nothing happened; then I went to the sites, and the pages were not available! Poor me. My video card and my computer don't speak, so I'll have to wait for my daughter, the computer whiz, to do something about it!
Anne, along with everyone at the site, I think of you often. I have been a member since 2001, (a change in carriers messed up my membership) so I have communicated with you frequently. We are all hoping and praying that a solution will be found in the Middle East that will be equitable and bring peace and safety for you and all. God bless.
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Trying again. This picture is about a year old but its my best one.
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What a great picture Cindy! You look very beautiful. Did you model for that one?
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Just your basic glamour shot: three people, two sets of hot rollers and Tammy Bakker's makeup kit. Actually, now I'm blonde and 25 pounds lighter. Bill and I have coupons for Sears photo studio and, as soon as we can get him to the stylist, we'll get some new ones done.
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This is Bill and me, New Year's Eve.
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here's a picture of me with raven last summer. my cam is currently out of whack, so i don't have any really current pics.
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Great pic littleraven!
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Cindy, both of those pictures are very good!!!! I love the feather boa!!! You are very pretty!

Your picture is also a good one, little raven!!! Gosh we have so many nice looking people on this site!!!
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Your pictures are excellent! Cindy, Bill is a lucky guy. Little Raven, your companion Raven looks to be a wonderful friend; and it's obvious you provide a loving home.


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Mr. Cat: Thank you, kind sir. Thanks to all, for the compliments. As my Southern forbears would say: Y'all too kind!
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this is the picture of LUT mom of Sydney

sorry the pic is on its side ; do not know how to post it after rotating it ..............
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LOL - that is a great pic Mr Cat. Nothing like getting up close and in person!
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Thanks for the pictures!!! They are great! I need to get a new one taken. That closeup shot is awesome, Joe! :laughing:
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This thread has been cleaned up so that all the "little red x's" are gone. Most of those photos were linked to websites that no longer provide free image hosting and have disappeared into cyber space. The comments about the lost photos were pretty useless without the actual pictures to view, so they have gone by the wayside too.

On the up side, most of those older members can be viewed in the Members' Gallery. And, as it should be, this thread now begins with our fearless leader, Anne.

New members, continue to add pics of yourselves.
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Mr. Cat!!! That scan is GREAT!! You are hilarious!
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