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me, my new bf, and my cat!! Of course roxygo's not looking at the camera.. o well I am in pj's so excuse the lack of makeup

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catlover, it's lovely to see you!

Anna, you and Roxy look cute as always, and your boyf aint bad either.
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I just wanted to add Samy's picture.

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Here is a picture of me and my hubby on our special day

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Here we are in Mexico on our hunnymoon

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Lovely pictures Maggie!
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Okay, okay... I have been putting this off for a long time now, because I don't like pictures of myself. They just don't look good at all. But, here's a picture from my internship luncheon. I wasn't sure which one to post, so I'll put both of them.
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Here's the other one:
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Sicy, Anna, Maggie, and Lisa - you all look GREAT!!! It was so nice to drop in this thread and see so many new photos! I love this thread!
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"Long Live The Pictures, Pictures Thread!!!! "
It is so cool to see all of these pictures!! Keep em' coming!
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Sicy!!! i just got your dance performance on CD today -- OMG that was SO cool!!!! You totally amaze me, girl! All I can say is "BRAVO!"
Thanks for sending the video, I REALLY ejoyed it!!!

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Maggie you are so cute!!! georgiagirl great pics!!

KIM thank you !!! LOL.. it was so fun.. we're doing it again next Friday!
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Okay, I guess it couldn't hurt to post some pictures of me! =) Well, in one I'm holding a beanie baby cat named Rose. Lol. That cat helped me through a week of camp last summer! Anyway, here they are.

[Me feeling light-headed]
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Some kind of weird posing face.. my face looks so red! Mind you, these are webcam quality.
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Another red-faced Samantha
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The file of rose and I is too big, so I won't be able to post that one!
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Nice pics! You're very pretty.

I'm going to merge this with our Pictures! Pictures! thread.
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Can I add my pic?

This is me a few days after a well needed haircut.
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Great pictures Lisa, Samantha & Pumpki (sorry, I don't know you're first name!)!! We've got a great looking bunch of cat lovers!

Samantha, I tried to fix your picture a little so you're face wasn't so red. This is the best I could do...hope you don't mind!
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Thanks. My name is Kristi by the way.
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Hi Kristi! Welcome to TCS!
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Took some new pictures, so I thought I'd share them with ya'll...
I swear, everytime I take picture my style has changed. I guess I need to stick to one style for more than a couple of days!

Sorry the color isn't the best in these photos. The sunshine was beaming a little too bright & no matter how much I try to fix it with my photo program, I can't get it right.
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Wow... Shell, You look like Mariah Carey with your pretty hair all curled. Hubba Hubba.
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Pumpki you are very cute
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You look MAHHHvelous dahling!
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Here I am:

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Hi Dave! Great picture!
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Originally posted by kimward34
Hi Dave! Great picture!
Thank ya!
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Originally posted by sandra
Wow... Shell, You look like Mariah Carey with your pretty hair all curled. Hubba Hubba.
LMAO! Thanks Sandra! Mariah Carey is a new one for me...don't think anyones ever said that before. Thanks for the sweet words!
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Nice picture Dave & welcome to TCS!
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