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Wow Shell, what a difference! And you're right, it's all the motivation in the world! Everytime I tuck in a shirt, I think, 6 months ago I wasn't doing this!
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Aww Shucks Guys! Thanks for the compliments!

Deb..I know the feeling about the tucking of the shirts. It seems weird to have shirts that slightly show my midrift! I wouldn't have EVER done that before! EWW!

Thanks again!
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Originally posted by Shell
And the last one...

*btw...no, I haven't cut my hair. Everyone asks me that when they see my pictures! I just happened to have it pulled up when these were taken*

Wow Shell.... You are very pretty
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Lookin' great, Shell -- congratulations!
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Shell, your before pictures still showed a very pretty woman but I'm floored now. You look fabulous now! I'm really glad you're proud of yourself because you deserve to be
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Hot, hot, hot! Congratulations and keep up the good self-esteem, Shell!
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You look fab Shell! congrats on the weight loss! (not that you didn't look fab before)
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This is me, Alicia


Okay, Okay, that was taken quite a while ago on my 3rd birthday but I think it's one of my best pictures!!

This is what I look like now. Watch out it's not pretty.
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LOL kitkatz! That is so cute! You are pretty!
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Thanks everyone! You guys are too sweet!

Alicia...you're beautiful! I love both pic's!

I took a couple new pictures the other day just for kicks & grins...so I thought I'd share them with you guys.
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And another one...even though I look kinda dorky with my stupid name badge from work on! I completely forgot that I had it on me since it seems like a permanent "accessory" for me!
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Woah Shell!! You look so great!! How do you do that??? I've been trying to shed some weight and I still am but not getting the effect I want! Which reminds me, I gotta find one of my photos to post here...
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Oh well, might as well...

Here's a picture of me in Mexico a few years ago...

(I don't normally wear a cowboy hat)...

Oh, and I guess there's this one of me and Tiki last year, when she was a kitten....

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Hey Scott!

It's good to see you. Lovely pictures mate.
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OMG that is the cutest picture Scott!!!
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Here's one:

Look who's my best friend when I'm eating pudding (or cheese): Mr. "I Think I Like Cheese" (a.k.a. "Kiddan," or "Lexington")

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Hey you guys look alike in that pic
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LOL, I agree that Scott has the same face as cat Sicy...
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Ha! Well, you know what they say about people and their pets....

Hopefully our bodies aren't the same. We've nicknamed him "Wedge," because we can't keep a cone on his head. He's got such a fat butt, he kind of tapers to the top. Every time we put a cone on, he leans over and you hear a "thud" as the cone hits the floor.

BUT...that said...I've had early news that he might be on the cover of an internationally published cat book.....so....I guess I shouldn't make fun of a possible superstar...

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You do both have the same smirk on your faces, Scott! And it's ok to look like an orange cat. They're the cutest!
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Ok this picture is like a year old, but oh well.
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And it's a great picture, too, chixy.
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Haha, that such a sweet pic Scott!

Chixy, nice pic
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chixy you look like a diva
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Your very pretty, Chixyb
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this is my fiance and me, the pic is a couple of years old
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Great pictures everyone! We've got a great looking bunch on here!

I thought I'd share a pic tonight (again ). I bought a couple new shirts & thought I'd snap a picture of it. The shirt so cute! And of course...it's in a fave color! RED!
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Oh shell girl you just look so great!

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Aww! Thanks Sam! Kisses back to ya Hon!
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