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Nice pics, Sicy -- Whiskers certainly doesn't mind the camera, does he (she?) Lovely baby.
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Thanks She's a she!
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oooh i love having a nosey around in this thread!

Must go find a decent pic of me....
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Nice pics Sicy! Especially your brother - he is CUTE!
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Very nice pictures, Sicy! As always you look beautiful ......and I agree with Kellye, your brother is cute!
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He's also available
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I just found this post, I dunno why it took me so long. I tried to look at all 20-something pages but I ran out of stamina around 18 or so! Well it's something to look forward to later then! Here's a couple of me. My name is actually Joanne, or Jo.

Impromptu limbo in a club in Mexico!

A pic from about a year ago of me with Toby just before I left for work

...and after a couple of drinks, promoting one of my favourite bevies. Yes, there's a sticker on my shirt, let's not ask questions.
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Originally posted by Lynx
Yes, there's a sticker on my shirt, let's not ask questions.
Oh, questions are being asked! Especially after the first pic when I thought, "Do we have someone doing the limbo here?".
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OH yes Deb, anything goes in Meheeko!!! Especially after a couple of shots of tequila!

The sticker was some game that was being played in the bar, where if you found someone with the same sticker as you, you both win a prize. My sister got a free shirt out of it. Only it's x-large and she is not!
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It's great to see all of the wonderful people here! A few even got me excited.(we won't talk about that)

This pic is the newest I have so we'll have to deal with it. It's from a photo shoot with the band I was in at the time. We had a professional photographer-friend and fan of the band-take us all over our town for 2 days and shoot 100's of pix. It was very tedious and, by the middle of the second day, we wanted it to end quick. We were going to use the best pic for our cd cover and some of the others for promo posters we printed up for our gigs. We were in the studio around this time(January 98?-baaaaad memory.) when I learned I wouldn't be able to play drums for much longer. A couple years later I sold all my equipment and now I am a music lover of a different kind. I still have all the studio recordings and they cheer me up when I'm depressed. Oh, in this picture the photographer told us to look mean. We were laughing so hard I'm surprised she was ever able to take this pic.

I also wanted to post my beautiful wife's pic too since life without her would be unbearable. This is from a Halloween party we had a couple years ago.

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Great pic, Bent. You look properly menacing.
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Lynx, you are beautiful. BentAnimal, you are HOT, HOT, HOT, and your wife is beautiful. I'm a sucker for the Rock N Roll type. Sicy, your brother is a cutie, and so is your fiancee.

Lynx, since you live in Toronto, I wonder....Did you go see Paul Stanley in The Phantom of the Opera? I flew up there 3 times from Los Angeles to see him in it. He was awesome! I also fell in love with Toronto, and I still think it's one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and the people there are so wonderful and friendly.
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LOL! Bent remind me never to mess with you! Your wife is lovely by the way-
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Lovely new pics everyone
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Thanks for the kind words

I'm barely awake now(had a late night) and having a hard time focusing my eyes on my monitor lol

Deb and Hissy, lmao, I'm less menacing than a gold fish

Hope, thank you . I miss the rock and roll days. It was crazy fun and there's nothing like being onstage in front of a packed house of wildly loud people. Maybe I can transfer some of the recordings we did in the studio so I can link them here and you can get a taste of what we were all about. We also did a lot of copies(everything from classic rock to what was hot at the time). We played out at least twice a week and made some damn good money for having fun.
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Hope, I know you're gunna kill me for saying this... but I don't think I even realised Paul Stanley was even in Phantom of the Opera! (ducks) That must have been a few years ago anyways. As for Toronto, yes I love living here! There's a little something for everyone. I moved back out in the country this summer - which I love - but I still make it downtown every couple of weekends
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Here's me!

Modeling Picture

Another modeling picture

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This is another photo of me..
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There was a thread about the TCS Members Gallery about a month ago. Any updates on that one?
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Originally posted by yayi
There was a thread about the TCS Members Gallery about a month ago. Any updates on that one?
I've sent everything in to Anne for the Members Gallery, but I'm guessing she's really busy with the new baby and work, etc. Hopefully she'll have time to put in the updates soon.
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Love all the new pics.
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crazy cat lover - those are great pics,you are
very pretty
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Just took these pictures the other day. I've been taking a picture diary since July for my weight loss. It really does help me stay motivated as crazy as it may sound. I always look at my before pictures & cringe but I look at what I've accomplished...and it makes me so happy!

Anyway...here's the pictures.
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And the last one...

*btw...no, I haven't cut my hair. Everyone asks me that when they see my pictures! I just happened to have it pulled up when these were taken*
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Shell you look fantastic! Good for you!
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Thanks Viva! I'll have to dig up one of my before pictures...even though I hate sharing those. But if it'll help someone or encourage someone to do the same, I'm all for that!

Thanks again!
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Ok...here's a couple before pictures. Good Gawd...I can't believe that I looked like that. It's amazing what a little hardwork can do!
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And the finale... Thank Goodness, right?
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Wow Shell you really did great

Btw I think you look great in any picture , you are a very pretty girl
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((((Shell))))) - You're gorgeous darlink!
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