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I already have it on a web page.

I guess you can all check it out here:


I'm the one dressed as a kitty
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Oh, it's easy to post pictures here if you already have it on a website. All you have to do it put the web address inside the [img][/img] tags, with no spaces. As long as the other site allows remote linking, it'll show up. (If not, we see a big, red X) In that case, you'd probably want to size it down, and attach it to the post.
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Well might be just easier to click the link I left there on my pervious post!
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rfox - You are absolutely adorable!! I love the pics you posted!! Another beautiful face added to the TCS gallery!!

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Great pics rfox!
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Damn I cant believe I missed these updates! Big Kat, Kitten Krazy and Rock you guys are all so pretty!!! I love the pics and glad to "see" you!
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Love all the new pics!
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Thanks Shell, Jelly, and Sicy.

I love looking at all the pics as well!
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Here I am with Indy Jones. I don't have too many pictures of me and the Kitties since I haven't been able to teach them how to work the camera, yet!!
Indy is getting ready to have one of his Brat attacks where he starts whining and crying since I'm holding him and he doesn't want to be held at the moment.

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Just Me

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Originally posted by Sid_the_Cat_Man
Just Me

LMAO you are funny!!

Great pics Sid

You should post that one of you and Indy in the post pictures of you and your cats thread in the Picture forum!
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Nice pics, everyone! Love your black & white cat, Sid!
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That's not really a good picture of Indy. There's a nice one of him on page 14 of the Close Ups thread in the photo forum and of course on his pages at A Cat's Life.
Are any of your Tuxedos, brats?? I know quite a few who are....

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I'll have to go & look at those pics.
Brats? They're very sweet and affectionate, but when they want something (attention, food, play, you-name-it), they want it NOW, and won't give up until they get it. Yeah, I guess they are!
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Sounds like my Indy. I also call him my Lover Boy, when he's not being a Brat!
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hey sid, u look great... u look so chinese...
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Great Pics Sid!
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Here's pictures of Loubelia (Anne) & her beautiful kitties!

Aren't all three of them BEAUTIFUL?
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Awww Loubelia, I absolutely love your pics the Blue Cream HW Bicolor is gorgeous!

Thanks for posting them Shell!
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I took a new pic tonight. No, I didn't chop off my hair...I've got it pulled back in a barrette.

Just thought I'd share & bump this up for new members!
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I love your new pic Shell!
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Aww! Thanks Sam!
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Hi Michelle,
great picture, I´d love to meet you and all the catlovers I´ve been in touch with. Pity I live so far away.
Imagine our lovely little European shorthair had to have 5 teeth extracted last week. nevertheless she wanted her dried food in the evening and caught a mouse 2 days ago She is a great mouser and we regularly save the poor animals.
That´s it from cold northern Germany.
Love from my 4paws and me
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Well I finally decided to post a current picture of me on this thread. I hope I don't scare anyone to badly
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That's a beautful picture! Scary? Not at all!
Thanks for sharing with us!
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Cathi!! I agree with Shell. That is a beautiful picture and it's not scary!! I should post one of me with "bed head" now that's scary, LOL!!

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Shell...that is a beautiful picture of you! And Cathi...your picture isn't scary at all! You are very very pretty! I haven't had time to look at this thread for ages, I need to go back several pages and see what I have missed!!
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Okay, I just went clear back to page 78 to catch up on all the pics I've missed! Whew!

Deb25!!! WOW!!!! I had not seen a pic of you since you had lost so much weight! You look gorgeous!!!!!!

And Shell!!! Same thing! WOW! That side view of you is awesome! You have lost so much weight! Way to go!!!!

Ryan...you are a very handsome guy!

Sunni...nice to put a face to the girl I have talked with on AIM several times! And what a beautiful person you are!!!

I could go on forever, there were so many beautiful pics...Sam, Anne, rfox, Sid, Rakka, Cindy, Skykitty, GA, Tonim68, Thh20...I am sure I am forgetting someone, but all the pics were just great!!!
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I'm trying to attach a pic of me here thru the website. I have a digi cam, but i'm often taking photos of other people.. not myself.. this is one I took a week ago when I was making my hubby's Christmas card. Me & the gurls! Hope it comes thru ok. it's an awful photo of me. just got in from shoveling the deck!
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That is a great picture of you and your cats! You are very pretty!
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