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Pictures Pictures!  

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Okay... here goes and I hope you don't get too scared

Just me

Me and Gezer

Me and Mishmish
(Both were taken to use in a national newspaper that was running a story about my Hebrew cat site - hence no glasses and a little bit of make-up

Me and hubby!!!
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Okay so this is me... The one with brown hair and the sunglasses on. I am with some friends at a vineyard in Oregon! :smile
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Thank you Blue... see I catch on it's just scary trying new things. I had this picture on a disc and just needed to save it to the computer!!

I am so glad I didn't.. I have amazed myself
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way to go, Shannon!

you are absolutely beautiful! adorable! sweet! gorgeous!

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Shannon (swalker)
Your picture is GREAT!
What a beautiful woman you are!!!
If I were a man...(which I am NOT) I would be foaming at the mouth over that one!!!

Seriously though....you are a very attractive person, and I am so glad I can call you my friend!!!!!!!!!! (even if you were butt ugly I would still be proud to call you my friend, because your heart is so....I am grasping for the right word here... so....true.
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Oh my gosh you guys. :laughing2

Thank you for the compliments
I am blushing right now, just like the smilie

I am just happy I figured out how to get the picture there.. it was quite troubling to me

Thank you, you both made my whole weekend!

P.S.. I am happy to call you both my new friends also.
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Here we go again...tryin it once more!
Mr. Cat, I tried it the way you said, it worked yesterday when I posted Cagneys pic, but today I seem to be having trouble...thanks for your help
Oh, and looks like we're neighbors, I'm in scorching hot Portland also! Lovin the sunshine though, Lord knows we don't get enuff of it!
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Ok, cant attach the birthday shot of my 40th, but this one was taken last august...
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if you hadn't said that you were 40 I would have NEVER guessed! you look like you're in your mid 20's! you are beautiful!
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My other picture no longer works because I am no longer a PhotoPoint member, they started charging. Anyway, here is my picture.
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I'll just keep sayin' it again and again...we have the best lookin' people right here at this site!!! Just goes to show that all cats are beautiful and so are their humans! Cleo and Bookitty! Just GORGEOUS

Love &
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Here's a picture of me mugging for the camera. Hope I don't frighten any small children.
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Don't say mugging!! You're a good lookin' dude! :

Love &
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Why thank you Ma'am!!

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LOL my 7 year old was standing here and didn't run away. Thank you for posting the pic. It's nice to put a face to a name!!
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Yes, it is; I created a folder on my LaPerms group for members pictures as well. We had all these pictures of our cats (over 100 photos) and none of the proud owners. So far only a handful have posted their pictures but it really is nice to put a face with a name.

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well, a few more, yadda yadda

me & blue :
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me and blue again
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me & simon :
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oh gosh, if i ever get a digital camera of my own, watch out
cameron borrowed his mom's and wanted to take a zilllion pictures, but,
not all of them are for public viewing - just kidding :laughing:
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Originally posted by blue
me & simon :

blue, I like this one the best. Your cat is almost as photogenic as you are. Thanks for sharing!
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Comrade Kitties aka Linda and hubby Mark
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Hehe, Nitecrwlr, on behalf of muppets everywhere, I thank you.

I was about 22 in the top photo, and 17 in the bottom (I'm 24 now).

Debby, Blue, Nitecrwlr, you're so sweet, you all make me You're all very beautiful too (yes Nitecrwlr you are a very beautiful man )

Blue, Blue: the bottom phot is professional so the lighting makes me look tan (I am very white) and makes my hair look sort of red. It was also taken 7 years ago so...

Darn FTP errors, I was going to put this above after the muppetsline but I can't connect to the page I store my photos at to upload this:
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Bert has excellent taste. You're a stunner! So, how about a big wet kiss?

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Really, Mr. Cat!!!! Do you have to prove that avatar fits you?
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I just got carried away!

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You should really try and restrain yourself in front of the Muppets.
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Indeed, I repent! I now go forward, embarked upon a life of chastity and restraint, living in a cave and existing upon the kindnesses of passing strangers.

Or not.

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Maybe you could take up a paper clip collection. (Hope you get the reference....)
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Illusion....I love the picture of Bert holding a picture of you! How did you do that? I am SO not talented at these kinds of things! (and you do NOT look anything like him!)
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