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Okay everybody,

I'd like to explain. First of all, this is a public apology to Debby for coming down on her so harsh about her post regarding Merlin. I am sorry I didn't have more compassion for what she was going through.

I work for a newspaper and have been working longer hours than usual because of everything that has happened in New York. Our computers got the NIMDA virus and put us out of commission for almost 48 hours. That alone caused an extreme amount of stress in the newsroom. I wrote a story that got lost which caused me to have to write it from scratch again. I have had to deal with people calling and screaming at me on the phone because I cannot give them the answers they need to find out if their loved ones are alive or dead, all the while keeping my composure because that is part of my job. I also had to write two obituaries tonight for people that I knew who were killed in the tragedy. It took it's toll on me. The stress finally got to me to the point where I exploded. Unfortunately, Debby was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

So I would like to Debby I would like to say I am truly sorry for hurting your feelings. I never meant hurt you, Debby. And right now I don't need anyone beating me up over this as I feel bad enough. I'm simply asking for forgiveness.

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Donna - It was not me that you asked for forgiveness from, but I feel that I need to respond anyway. You have made some very valid points. I am so sorry for the obits you have to write, I can only imagine how hard this must be.

I want to apologize for my rude post to you too. All I saw was a friend being attacked, and I didn't stop and think what you might be going through. I think this kind of situation is going to be pretty common in the coming weeks. I imagine you are exhausted. I know my husband is dead to the world right now because he's an IT manager of a large company that just had every single machine go down due to the same virus. And he doesn't have to cope with writing the articles that you do.

Donna, I don't know if you are a Christian, but I wanted you to know that I'm praying for you now, for your peace, and for an easier time at work. This is such a difficult time for all of us, especially those of us, like you, who are closer to the tragedy than most.
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Thanks for your post. I can imagine how your husband felt as well. That virus was a real doozy. And yes, I am Christian and plan on going to church tomorrow. I definitely need it. I have never been under this much stress. It's awful. You just want to go home, not answer the phone and be totally alone. Thanks for your kind words. I just hope Debby gets my PM as I feel really bad.

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Donna, I did get your PM, and I forgive you.
But I still think I should take a break from this site for awhile, maybe for my own well being.
I was so upset and worried about Merlin, and I guess I made a big deal out of it, but it was/is a big deal to me.

I have cried so many tears over the attack on America, and for all the innocent people who were killed, or are missing, and I know Merlin's testicle problems are of littlee importance in the whole scheme of things, but it meant alot to me.

I know you are sorry Donna, but I just think I need to take a break from here for awhile.....I can't handle coming here to post my fears about my cat, which was probably more compounded by my fears of what is going on around us, and feeling worse after I have posted it, and gotten a response.

I know you are having a bad time, Donna, and I can certainly understand why..... But that is still no excuse to make a post as mean as yours yours in reply to my thread.
I know you are under pressure, and you are a good person deep down, and you just responded out of your own pain, but in all honesty, you made my pain twice as bad.
I know you are sorry, and I still love you....but I think I should take a break for awhile from this site...until I am feeling better about everything. (Merlin AND the nation)
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Well, I don't know what was posted by whom; but I can surely understand the pressures of a newsroom, which would be especially great during this national crisis. (Don't take this the wrong way, but I've always felt every place of work should have a punching bag: the Joe Palooka kind that comes back up after you hit it.) You are much closer to the site of the tragedy than most of us, so the reality of the disaster must be more keenly felt there. I've worked in a few newsrooms myself, both broadcast and print; and during my longest stint — at KOIN-TV News here in Portland — I was the beat reporter who got sent to the sites of fatal fires, aircraft crashes, fatal motor-vehicle accidents, train derailments, homocides, et cetera. With television being a visual medium, I ended up going to such sites in the company of a cameraman (this was years ago when they were in fact all "men"); and more often than not the victims were still present. One can steel oneself to this sort of thing, but one never gets "used" to it. So I can imagine the atmosphere in which you're working just now. I hope you can find some peace of mind, as no job is worth the sacrifice of one's sanity. Unfortunately, it's probably the case that the saddest days lie ahead — as more victims of the terrorists are identified.

Debby, I hope you will not leave The Cat Site. All of us, no matter our points of view, are part of this inter-net society which cares about cats; and we need each other. We need you here! So, by all means, take a break from the site; but come back to us soon.

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Dear Debby and everyone,

I have made a conscious decision to leave the site for a while. Debby, you shouldn't have to. You talked about Merlin and your concern for his health.

This is a catsite and everyone has every right to talk about their cats without the fear of getting flamed by anyone, including me. What I did was inexcusable. But right now my depression has me going in all different directions with very bad mood swings. And rather than take it out on all my friends here at the site, I just as soon leave.

Again, Debby please don't leave. It was my fault and you shouldn't have to not come here because of me. You are a very caring and thoughtful person who needs friends like this at the site. I do too, but not at the cost of hurting people's feelings.

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I completely understand and respect your decision to take a break.

You've got a lot of stuff on your plate.

you will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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