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I love my hubby!

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He surprised the heck out of me tonight and took me to dinner to a really nice restaurant, then on the way home we stopped at a furniture store. He led me to a far corner, where all decked out in a big red bow was a brand new computer station! It has the works, including a desk!!! They will deliver it on Friday- there was a big sign on it- Merry Christmas to MSPCB! LOL He calls me his small powerful child bride, as he is 17 years older than me- What a nice, and wonderful and much-needed surprise!
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Oh, goodie! New places for the kitties to climb! Congrats. Becky
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Oh Mary Anne! Mike is so thoughtful! We must see pictures of your new desk, complete with furry additions of course. Merry Christmas!
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Oh, Hissy. That's wonderful. What a loving husband you have!
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What we are going to do with the old computer corner desk is carpet the surfaces, and hang cat toys on it and put it in the bedroom for a really cool cat tower! It has four levels, and is so sturdy the cats will love it-
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Yep, he is a keeper! Can't wait to see pictures!
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Oh, that's just so sweet, MA! Mike, that as so considerate and loving of you!Hope you'll post us a pic of your new wonderful computer station!
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MA that is awesome!! What a great surprise!
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Congrats! Mike rocks. What a thoughtful , sensitive , wonderful thing for him to do. Lord knows you needed a dinner out and a new computer station to boot!
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That's so sweet! What a wonderful hubby!!
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Aww! Makes the heart go tender...
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yes I think Mike certainly is a keeper MA what a wonderful thoughtful surprise

looking forward to seeing photos of both the new desk and the new converted kitty tower
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Wonderful! What a sweet, loving and neat surprise!
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Nice one! He doesn't have a younger brother who happens to live in Australia does he??

Seriously he sounds like a lovely bloke!
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Yup, definitely a keeper, MA! Very sweet.
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Yep keep that one MA! What a lovely suprise! We want pictures when you get it and pics of the kitty desk when it's done
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That's so cool! Mary Ann, you are so lucky! Mike is a wonderful husband!
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That is such a wonderful surprise! What a great husband you have!

I can't wait to see the pictures of your new computer station and the pictures of the cat conversion! What a great idea!
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Aaw, MA, that is awesome! How thoughtful of him. Gee, I wonder if he knew that you might have been in need of a small, teensy tiny pick me up?... He's a good man, Mike is.
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Aw what a great guy! How sweet of him!
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Way to go Mike!
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I bet you have the best husband in the world
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He always sounds so sweet. You can tell that you both truly love and respect one another!
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Aaaaaw so sweeeeeet!!!
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You are indeed lucky in love. Mike sounds like a wonderful man who appreciates an equally wonderful woman. You are both blessed.
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That was SOOO sweet of him! Please take pics (and post them) of your old computer desk once you carpet it and hang toys on it. I would love to see it! What a great idea!
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