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A pain in the NECK

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Yes thats what I have a bad pain in my neck. I must have slept wrong a week ago Sat. Work up with stiff neck the Sunday after thanksgiving, it wasn't terrible so I continued my ongoing project of removing wallpaper in the family room. Later that morning my throat started getting sore and it went downhill from there. To put it politely intestinal distress, aches and chills. No work for me on monday. But stiff neck persists. This past Saturday I went to high test ibuprofen (didn't probably help that we pushed the tractor in our other garage.) Ice helps a little but I seem to keep agravating it. The last time it was this bad was labor day weekend when we tore down the old garage. I must mentioned I was in a rear end collison at least 10 yrs ago and went through 6 weeks of physical therapy on my neck. We have a pretty good whirlpool tub so I'll be in there soon!!. Don't anyone suggest a good massage as I know that would be nice but yes I HAVE RINGWORM!! and most of it is around my neck and chest area, plus some spots on arms which are going away, a couple on one leg-am treating those with Lamasil. I even cancelled my haircut and eyebrow wax cause I don't want my hairdresser to get this as he has 3 cats. I guess I'm going for the unibrow look!! The vet confirmed it Saturday that Baker tested positive. All cats going on a medication fulvican or something like that. I shuudered when I found out the price. So if anyone has personally dealt with this please pm me especially with the holidays coming up and my sister coming in 2 weeks!! I need to know what works best in my housecleaning (with my stiff neck!!) Well enough about my whining I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving and are on there way for christmas shopping, decorating, cooking, etc.....
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Have you gone to the dr for either one of your health problems. The Dr can prescribe medicine for ringworms for you. The other sounds like flu has settled into weakest area in your body which is your neck. When I get the flu it starts hurting in the neck area on me and then spreads. very painful for me. Have you tried a nice hot shower with the water on your shoulders to loosen up the muscles and ease the pain that helps me at times like that. Also the bones maybe out of alignment and some gentle rubbing might ease it off some. to you and hope you get to feeling better soon.
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Sounds as though you have some kind of virus. If so, the only thing to do is treat symptomatically: ibuprofen for the pain, pepsin-bismuth or Imodium for the GI symptoms and Thermacare patches for the neck pain. Chicken soup doesn't hurt, either. Lots of clear liquids, to help flush out the system.

As for the ringworm, you need a prescription for that. OTC antifungals do not work. If you don't get treated, you may re-infect the kitties.
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