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Thomas and Cooper??

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Just wondering where our friends Thomas and Cooper were....I was such a fan of the "THOMAS and COOPER show thread" and now its gone. And I wonder if a new home was ever found for mom....KittyKook (i don't know enough real names on this board yet), are you out there?
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I miss them too! Hopefully she realizes soon that we are back up, if she already hasn't, and gives ME SOME MORE COOPER!!! and Thomas! Such sweeties they are!
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Same here.... Hello? Thomas and Cooper? Where are you? I miss you guys!
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I miss them too, Kittykook please post some pics of Thomas and Cooper!
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Hi everyone.....I'm here....but I had to re-register which means I am starting all over on my posts.....and I was almost to the point where I could make my own avatar. Oh well......at least I was able to get back....but all the posts I've ever posted on Thomas and Cooper are now gone.

I'll put their pictures back up in a few days and I have some new pictures of them playing under the Christmas tree too. I'll try to do that on Wednesday when I'm not working. It'll take too long to try and do it tonight.

There's a lot of threads that I hate to see gone.

Glad to be back and see everyone.

Robin aka KittyKook
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YAY for Thomas and Cooper ...and Robin . Glad to see you back.
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Glad to have you back - we all understand how you feel but before you know it, you'll have your own avatar and threats out the wazoo!
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I've been checking every day. In fact....I have this site set as my homepage and it's the first thing I check in the morning and the last thing before I go to bed at night.

It is sad to see so many wonderful posts gone. I suppose in time....we'll all recover and the posts will begin to add up again with wonderful pictures and stories of everyone's furbabies.

Thanks for asking about us
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So glad you are back!!! And we will do our absolute best to be patient for those pics!
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Welcome back Robin, I guess I have to wait till Wednesday.
2 more days!
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