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Yeeeeeah! Tousse and Bease's photo's came back! And they are fabulous! Heidi did such a wonderful job! Especially since those two rascals were determined not to be still! As soon as I can get them scanned I will post them! If you are in the Orange County, LA County, Riverside County you should definitely check Heidi's website out!
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YAY! I can't wait to see!!! Tousse and Bease are soooo precious.
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Her site is awesome. I wish she lived near me. Rob told me the other day he wants a portrait done of us and the two cats to put behind the tv. I was shocked becuase he's not that much of a cat person. But now I can't find any photographers that will work with animals near us.
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You are such a tease! I got so excited, thinking that I would see the best pictures ever... and I got nothing! Sniff.
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cant wait to see them!
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hurry hurry hurry!! I wanna see these photos

And Amber - how great that Rob wants to get a portrait of you all!! I hope you find a photographer soon - let us know - we would love to see photos if you do as well
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Wow, Heidi, you're incredible talented! Sure wish you lived closer so Sierra could have such a beautiful portrait!
Looking forward to seeing Tousse and Bease's amazing pics!
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I'm waiting too!!
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im waiting tooo!!!
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