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We took Ebony to the vet today for her rabies shot and her last deworming.

Last month her fecal exam came back negative.

Today it came back positive for roundworms.

So now the vet says she needs to be dewormed again. I am still new to having a pet and some of the medical things are still confusing to me. What is the process for a typical deworming? Since she was just given deworming meds today will we need to take her back to the vet immediately to get them again? And are there other visible symtoms of a cat having roundworms other than the results of the fecal sample?

Any expertise would be appreciated!
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Oh no! I'm so sorry that Ebony has worms - that bites!

I think all worms require different kind of treatment, I know that when Bay had tapeworm, all she needed was a pill and we never had to go back. I read online that the signs for roundworm are "poor hair coat, vomiting, diarrhea..." but maybe she didn't have it that bad? Sorry I can't help, but I hope it goes away fast!
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too bad she has none of those symptoms!!! Hopefully they'll clear her up fast.
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It is not uncommon for a cat having to wormed twice. Some of this is due to the cat's immune system. I think you may see tiny white worms at the anus in roundworms. You will see tiny clear/white segemtns on your furniture if the cat has tapeworms.

Dr. Doolittle may have further info on this.

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You may see roundworms in your cats stool if the parasite load is heavy but usually the only sign of roundworms is poor body condition and a bloated belly.
The deworming protocol depends on what drug your vet gave. Drontal Plus only has to be given once while strongid requires two doses 10-14 days apart.
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Funny thing...my lil boy CoCo had round worms when i rescued him, and he was prescribed meds, and I just got off the phone to hear the results of the repeat fecal test...and its CLEAR Thank God.

Hope your baby gets better soon.
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called the vet today. Since Ebony has deworming meds yesterday we will be taking her back again in about 2 weeks.

I am not sure what medicine they use. All they told us was that is tastes like banana. Yum!

lol, hopefully our little girl will feel back to normal soon.
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One of the other things to bear in mind is that the lifecycle of the roundworm produces another particular effect. I did a bit of reading when Felicity vomited a roundworm one day (how gross was that!! ). She had diaorrhea when we brought her home from the shelter as a kitten, although as she had been wormed the vet didn't talk to us about the possibility of worms at all, but gave her probiotic yoghurt supplements instead. Although it appears that she may have had roundworm all the time. It seems the eggs can lay as cysts in the cats liver/kidney (sorry I can't remember which) for some years. When they hatch they migrate first to the lungs through the bloodstream. Then after two weeks, the cat coughs them from the lungs and swallows them when they reach the top of the windpipe, which is how they reach the intestine to complete the lifecycle.

We gave Fliss roundworm treatment when we saw this thing. Then, just before her second dose two weeks later, sure enough she was coughing a little. Since the second dose, she has had any more episodes.
That explains why, sometimes, after being given the all clear, a cat can be found to have roundworms again later, even if they don't go outside.

Good luck with the treatment - I hope it gets rid of them and little Ebony feels better
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