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I will not be back

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I came here to post about something that was realy bothering and upsetting me about my cat, and I got such a nasty response from someone, I will not be back, and God help you donna, if you ever need help.
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Please check your PM.

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Debby - Don't you dare leave this site! I can't manage without you and your support. Please don't leave!!!!! There must me some misunderstanding here.
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you shouldn't leave over one person. If everyone did that there wouldn't be anyone left. That one night I was attacted by LAZAHN and 2 other brand new members who joined with the sole purpose of going after me. I didn't leave over that, as upset as it made me.
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Debby, don't leave because of one person. I have enjoyed your posts! I almost left a few times, but stayed. There are so many nice people on here. Remeber I did a post about a group that I belong to on Yahoo? I almost left, and even did a post about it. So many people emailed me not to leave, and I didn't. Whatever the person said to you, put them on your ignore list......
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Please, don't leave The Cat Site! Take a short vacation from the site if you must, but please come back to us!

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Please don't leave Debbie! You were one of the reasons I stayed in this forum! you have such a sweet and giving personality that you made me feel welcome and happy to be here!
Don't go!!!!!
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don't leave because of one person... It's not worth it! Don't quit girl!

If someone bothers you, do like me: IGNORE the person and things will calm down. Don't let it get to you!

(And note that I don't know what happened and that's beside the point)

Please reconsider...

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Dear Debby,

Please don,t leave the cat site,you are such a valuable member of the cat-site.Please don,t leave because of one person,you are such a kind and thoughtful lady and the cat site needs you !

Jackie and Jenna
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You are an in my heart I adore you and please remember that we must forgive in order to be forgiven....We all make mistakes Deb. Ya know?

Love Always,
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Debby, Please don't leave the forum. I'm just coming back, after leaving when I said something upsetting to someone else.

Its a good forum, with lots of good information & yours is valuable to lots of us.

Whats one person, when so many of us want you to stay!

We all have conflicts, sooner or later with people on the forum. We can go on & continue to help others or let them drive us away.

Please reconsider, think of the people you will be helping if you stay. Don't let them drive you away.
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Debby...I hope you come back soon!!
There are so many people here that would miss you if you never came back!
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Debbie, I implore you, please do not leave The Cat Site! Personally, you are really a blessing to me. And I will never forget that you helped me out when I thought I was doing wrong, and you said it wasn't me. I hope I am not to late, and you have already left. We dont need anybody as caring as you to leave over some petty (i'm sure) misunderstanding. So, Debbie PLEASE do not leave, we need your Catspertise also.
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For the love of God, people. What is going on here that it would be bad enough to spark

"A sweet, generous soul" like Debby to leave a place that she LOVES! I am ashamed to have to come back to this. . . . .
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Debby, I don't know you that well. But from what I've read from your posts you seem like one of the sweetest kindest people on this board. Please reconsider leaving, and stick around. I understand all the tensions that have been hanging around this board, but don't let this run you off. Please stay.
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Debby I hope you stay! I will miss you if you go. Please stay!!!!
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I know how you feel. Mr. Cat gave me the same advice. To just take a short break. I did and things are fine. You are always the first to jump in and help somebody who is down, or needs an ear. Let us be that for you.

Come back!!! Please!!!
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Oh gosh...

I just got to this posting...Debbie, don't go because of what one person has said or done. It is not worth it. You are letting that person WIN.

Please stay Debbie.... no one else wants you to go, and as in life, not just this board, you must keep going, keep doing what you love, and not let one person discourage you from living what you want.

Hope this makes sense. I can't type with the cat on my lap.
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Debby my dearest! You were one of the reasons for me to stay and love the site so please don't leave now. Taka a while if you want but please come back! Nothing will be the same here without you love!
Hope you reconsider...
I love you.
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Yes Debby don't go dear!!! We all want you here with us where you belong!! Have a break by all means - but you better come back - or else!!! (just kidding, but you better had come back love!)
We miss you!!
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I just saw this thread and feel so bad for you. I do hope you will not be gone for good. You are a very sweet and kind person and you would be missed so much. Take some time and then please come back.
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