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About My Merlin

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Hi guys....I wanted to tell you what is going on with Merlin, because I have made so many friends here, and I know many of you would want to know.
Those of you who know me, know that I have many cats, and I love them all, but Merlin is special to me, kind of like how you love your friends very much, but then the love for your child is even more. I love all my cats, but the love I have for Merlin is even stronger. Probably partly because he is the only cat my husband lets me keep inside,so I have spent way more time with him, but also because he has such a unique personality, just like a human, he is unpredictable, fussy, moody, yet loving, and he is my baby. My child.

Anyway....I took Merlin into the vets to be neutered on Thursday morning. I work at 7 am, so I had to leave him in the vets garage in a cat carrier on my way to work, and needless to say, he was not happy. (Merlin, that is)

I have the money to have this done now, and I knew it needed to be done, and so even though I hated to do it to him, I knew it was for his own good.

So...Thursday afternoon at work, a girl from the office comes out and says, "You need to stop by the vets, they called and there is a problem with your cat"

My heart sunk.....my first thought was...."Oh my god, they have killed him!!!" ( I am such a worry wart.. )
But then when I asked the girl if they said anything else, she said, Oh ya, they said they can't neuter him because one of his testicles is stuck up inside him, and they want to know if you still want them to go ahead with it.

So, as soon as I got off work, I rushed over there.
The vet said he had tried to neuter Merlin, but he only had one testicle showing. he said that he felt around on Merlin's lower abdomin and thought he had felt the other testicle, so if it was okay with me to preceed, he would have to do a more major surgery on Merlin, and cut him open, and get the other testicle out.

I asked him if it was safe, and he said yes....so I said, well, okay, go ahead....

So that was yesterday, and today after work, I rushed over there to see how it went, and how Merlin was, and he said...well, usually when a cat only has one testicle showing, and I feel around his abdomin, and feel a small lump, it means it is the other testicle, up inside him, but when I cut him open, I found that the lump I was feeling was some sort of growth attached to his colon.
(I about passed clear out at this news)
But I said, well what kind of a growth was it? and he said..."it seemed to be okay, just real small, probably benine (sp?) (not cancerous)
Probably...geez, that makes me feel better...NOT....

So he said he looked for the other testicle, and couldn't find it in there, so he went ahead and stiched him shut.
He said that merlin might only have one testicle.
He said that I could pick Merlin up tomorrow and that in 12 days the stiches needed to come out, and that after that, in one month, all the testosterone should be out of his system, so if I saw him either spraying, or trying to mate females I should bring him back in and he would continue to look for the other testicle.

Okay, well that's all just fine and dandy except for ONE thing!!!! What is this growth on his colon, and why didn't he take a biopsy of it while he had Merlin open?????
Probably just doesn't cut it with me!
I told him that if he has to go back in and look for the other testicle, like if in a month, Merlin is obviously not neutered completely, then I want him to take a biopsy of that growth.

I asked if I could go back and see merlin, and he said yes, even though I can't pick him up till tomorrow, and I went back, and he was just coming out from under the anesthesia, and he was groggy, but he knew it was me, and I petted him, and I he was all shaved on his stomache, and he had this bandage wrapped really tightly around the bottom half of him, and he was obviously in pain, and he looked at me like, "what did I do to deserve this???" I feel so BAD!!!!!!!!!

Please pray for him, please, that he will be okay!!! I just really needed to post this story in the cat lounge, although some may think it would be better in the health forum, but I wanted you all to read it, and to pray for my baby!!!!!!
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How terrible!! Poor Merlin!!! It certainly does seem strange that the vet didn't do a biopsy immediately. With everything else thats been happening lately, you don't need this added stress. Hopefully, you and Merlin have many long and happy years ahead of you, and I will say an extra prayer tonight for his health.

Good luck!!!
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Thank you very much Donna.....you have succeeded in making me absolutely bawl, and here I came here for support.

Thank you LoriD, thanks for caring.
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Please check your PM. It's important.

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Debby - I, for one, am concerned about you and how you are dealing with Merlin's problem. I don't know about taking a biopsy, since I'm a mom, not a vet, but I'm sure he'll do whatever he thinks is best. I sure hope Merlin is ok, because I know how much you love him.

I'll be praying for you, for your peace, and that your cat is ok, because I know that you love him very much.
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FYI, I've already sent Debby a PM and I hope she reads it.

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I am so sorry to hear about Merlin. I hope that he will be ok, and would like to hear how he is doing!!
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I shall keep Merlin in my prayers. I'm sure he'll be all right, but I know what a worry surgery can be — especially when something abnormal occurs. Please let us know how Merlin is doing!

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So sorry to hear about Merlin. It's always upsetting when something that's supposed to be simple becomes more complicated. I'm sure a little TLC from you and he'll be back on his feet in a few days.

I agree that it's odd that the vet didn't take a biopsy when he was in there. Seems like if I found something that was potentially a big problem, I'd do a little investigation. Though I will say, I learned from hubby's recent episode that some growths are clearly problematic, others are clearly not, and a few you can't tell by looking. Perhaps the vet knew what he was doing, even though it looks bad to us lay people.
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Debby - I know how special Merlin is to you and I will add him to my Kittys to pray for - Please let us know how he is recovering.
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Debby, I hope Merlin is fine. We will keep him in our thoughts. Good luck.
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Debby...I hope everything turns out ok with Merlin.
I know he means an awful lot to you.
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Dear Deb :angel2::pinky:

Deb, when Merlin gets his checkup again, will you please keep us updated? I hope you're doing better sweets. He'll be fine...did I ever mention to you that Kadaffi (you remember Kadaffi don't ya He was the reason how we met!) had the same thing. He was fine. That's how I got him! He was a purebred Himalayan Cat. They didn't want him because of his little problem People just amaze me. I got him for free too. Good for me good for him and a big Nanny nanny foo foo on them! :laughing2...don't forget hon, have Faith! Chin up..your baby will be well!

Love & Big Hugs!
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Debby; I hope Merlin recovers quickly and has no more complications. I do understand your concern and I know how upset I would be if this were my MoMo or Handsome. I feel so terrible that I was not around before now to learn of your worries over Litte Merlin. Please, know that I am praying for your baby boy kitty. . . .
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Oh Debby!! Im so sorry to hear about little Merlin (Merle!) I know how much you love him and can understand your worry, I do hope he will be ok (though Im sure he will....) please do let us know what happens.

Lots of love hun,

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Debby my dearest,
I'll pray for you and Merlin and I'll send all my warmest thoughs your way . I know what he means to you and I do believe you'll be happy together for a long time to come!
I love you girl!
Please let us know how he's doing!
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Dear Debby, one of the first cats I rescued turned out to have both his testicles recessed. The vet didn't cut at all at first. Since he couldn't feel the testicles, he said we would put it off until the cat was older and more developed. We waited until he was more than a year old, and then they felt two very tiny knots. The operation was more like a spay -- much more major than a simple neutering, but the cat is now almost 4 years old and healthy and non the worse for wear.

I do not think much of your vet. I think maybe he was in too much of a hurry to make his first examination as thoroughly as he should have. He should not have cut anything until he spoke to you about the single testicle. He should have taken a biopsy of the growth while he had the cat on the table.

I am not a vet, but 4 years of various operations on my cats later, I think I would be out the door on your vet's first mistake.

I don't say anything about his ability to do surgery. Just about his judgement. Is you are like me, you don't look on your cats as "animals" -- they are family. How would you react to a pediatrician who treated your child in such an offhand way?

I hope Merlin is feeling much better, and that this problem is now resolved.

Love and peace,

PS. I read on a more recent thread of the problems you have been having with flames. Just never answer back. I have had problems once on this site and once on another one. It is very unpleasant to have people unload their own insecurities and subconscious anger and problems on you, but it happens. We live in very stressful times, and none of us really understands the problems another person has and what might make them be nasty to someone they have never even met, in fact. But you don't have to put herself in the way of any repetition of abuse. Just ignore that person and step around.

The British have a wonderful old folk-expression that goes something like this: You think I'm stupid? I don't give my head for washing a second time.

My own rules are: Always assume that the person has had a terrible week and is having trouble coping with it. Be sympathetic. I try to see if I can be helpful or lighten their load a little.
Assume that the person enjoys a sarcastic kind of humor -- maybe they mean to be funny, and I'm just not getting it.
Assume that if the person knew how they sounded, they would never had said (written) what they did.
Above all, don't engage in return fire, and don't demonize the person -- try always to find the good in the bad.
But the final rule is -----

Just step around and enjoy all the good folk on this site who know how to control their stress in public.
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