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Mine is still embarrassing for me
My dad and stepmom are very fastidious, very clean clean clean people. Their house is emaculate. You could eat off their floors You get the idea...

Well I was having them over for a visit about 6 months ago and was VERY paranoid about it. Im fairly clean, but messy at times. I was so freaked out though that I paid to have someone clean 2 days before they were coming up, and then I went back over and did more just to be sure all was in order. You couldnt quite eat off the floor, but pretty close

So the big day comes and we're sitting in the living room having a good chat. DD was on the floor playing with toys, when she reaches under a chair in there and pulls something out. I didnt pay attention, thought it was just a toy. She then holds it up for all to see and asks what it is.

I immediately know it was something from the litter box I shouted at her, as I panicked, to drop it right away. I was watching my parents out of the corner of my eye when I see Laura THROW this piece of cat doo-doo at my stepmom! *fainting*

Oh my. I about died. You never saw a woman in her 50s jump so far and scream so loud. Thinking back, that was pretty hysterical. All my cleaning and we somehow miss a little cat turd. Never before or ever since has a cat turd made its way out of the litter box. I have NO idea how it may have happened. I was mortified

My poor parents were just a wreck. I was bustling DD off to scrub her hands all the while just dying. Thankfully they never mentioned it again!
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I see Laura THROW this piece of cat doo-doo at my stepmom! *fainting*

Oh my. I about died. You never saw a woman in her 50s jump so far and scream so loud. QUOTE]

That's hysterical!!
I think that Laura is smarter then you give her credit for!!! I'm certain she knew exactly what she was doing!!!!!
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Oh cripes how imbarrasing kittys like kids will always get ya when you are least expecting it lol
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Summer has awoke a friend of mine who was staying over by licking his hands. He proceeded to go back to sleep. He too woke up to the cat licking herself but, she was next to him. He didn't think much of it and fell back asleep. Summer then gave him a nice kitty shurp . LOL. I heard "Don't lick your butt then lick me!" I couldn't help but laugh at the time. But I became quite embarassed when he told me what happened.

At home our cat Crazy Cat was playing with the garland underneath our artificial tree on Christmas morning. No one was really watching. She got angled up in the garland, and something must of startled her and she came darting out, taking the tree with her! We have pictures of a fallen tree and a disgruntled felind wrapped in red garland. Thankfully no one got hurt. (I know we are mean to take pictures before untangling her, but a camera was readily available.) She growled when I untangled her. The tree stand broke, so we had to put the tree away and got a new stand the next year. Everyone then understood why we would give a cat such a name! We now tie our tree to the wall.

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My dearly departed Grommitt embarrassed me terribly in front of a young man I was trying desperately to impress (many moons ago!).

After our date, the young man came up for coffee and Grommitt scooted across the living room carpet on his bottom and left the biggest smear!

I never saw him again. I guess Grommitt didn't like him too much...

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The worst thing I remember was when all the family came round to my parents' for CHristmas, and when my Mom opened the door to display the tree with presents beneath, my cat Oscar was sitting on top of the presents, peeing on them.
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Emmet is so well behaved so i can't recall him ever embaressing me, mabby is still young....but Doofus before we got him nuetured would "Whip it out" for guests.....he would lie on his back at there feet, stick it out and roll back and forth and purr his head off.....it was amusing but i was always like "Doofus....put that way"......My dad definitly blushes the time Doofus did it to him

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Originally Posted by gemlady
On the Bad Kitty List is a cat who dragged in a sex toy when the human was entertaining...
Of all the replies, this is the one I zero in on! What does that say about me?

Oh my, oh my. Surely I must be getting too old for this!
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