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Male cats and kittens

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Lately I have started to think about eventually getting a new kitten to replace Midnight, who died recently.

I have also been wondering how Snowball, our neutered male, might react to an unrelated young kitten brought into our home. My main reason for concern is because Snowball was the dominent cat, and also the most territorial of the two. A couple of times in the past, we did find Snowball biting down on the front of Midnight's throat, applying steady pressure, which seemed to cause her to have a hard time breathing. Does this type of behavior mean that Snowball would be very likely to become aggressive and seriously injure or kill a kitten?

I am interested in getting some advice or information on male cats and their behavior toward kittens.

Thanks in advance
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Male or female it really just depends on the Alpha position. My guess is that he will start right from the beginning and let the new one who's boss. The introduction will be slow, but I think it would work okay.
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We added a kitten, Sparky, to our household and our neutered male cat, Blackie, accepted him pretty well. There were a few hairy moments - sometimes I though Blackie was going to kill him, literally! But then I would see Blackie cleaning Sparky's ears or Sparky trying to nurse from Blackie. They do still have some pretty loud and energetic wrestling matches, but it is working out in general.

I have learned these two things: They can share a litter box but separate food dishes are a must. And just because I see Blackie holding Sparky's throat, that doesn't mean he started it; lots of times Sparky is the instigator and he doesn't back off when Blackie gives his warning swats and growls.

I think it could work out pretty well. Let us know what happens.
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When I start looking for another kitten, I will be looking for another Siamese-mix, that type of cat seems to work out very well for us. It may take awhile to find the right kitten, but when I do I'm sure I will have something to post about it.
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