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Gratefulbear - I'm on Dial up and your image is quick downloading for me.
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GratefulBear, I downloaded the images and re-saved them as JPGs instead of BMPs. Makes a TON of difference in the file size but they hold the same image quality.
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I love the new pic, but I loved the other one, too.
I wish I lived near New Zealand! I would come over and visit the beauties!

Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
I'm going to check mine out on this post. Thanks for the reminder!
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Here's the second one.

These are ~10-11 KB each, instead of 75 KB each
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Thanks so much for your help guys! I will go fix them now.
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Originally Posted by batgirl2good
I love the new pic, but I loved the other one, too.
I wish I lived near New Zealand! I would come over and visit the beauties!
Aww thanks Bobbie. Wish I could visit your babies too!
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Can anyone tell me if my Doll is too big ? Or if it needs to be smaller?
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Your doll is OK Sandra.
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Instead of saying "as big as a business card" why not set some exact dimenions? Considering everyone views the website in possibly diffrent resolutions, which makes a "business card" seem diffrent sizes on their monitors, there is really no real enforceable defineable size listed.

Some other forums I have seen use sizes such as 125x600 pixels, or whatever seems to suit the "regular" size of their forums. I know it might seem a little "better" to some to judge based on an indivual basis, but for most that just leaves us a bit confused or for a few perhaps feeling like other more popular people get allowlences made for their sig size. A specific standard would remove any possible complaint or problems, wouldnt it?

Personally I don't mind "large'ish" signatures, as generally they are made by people who do not have the ability or knowledge to resize their images and its not done to be annoying or intentionally. Although I do agree that it makes it harder on the small resolution or modem user if the images are either large file size or large dimensions. One thing to keep in mind is almost everyone has their browser set to cache images and once a banner or signature is downloaded is that it becomes cached (meaning it only reloads from your local computer while your browser is open, sometimes even next time you open it) and not reloading every single time you see that image used on a page. What that means for modem users is they only download it one time even if its 30k or 50k in size.

I see more of a problem from large images (in dimenions/resolution) that take up half the page per signature including images, text, smiles, etc etc.. That makes it kind of hard for the average 800x600 internet newbie to browse forums when most of the page is taken up by repetive images of our signatures. I suggest something like mentioned above, 125 x 600 pixels or similar. Then it just becomes a matter of users becoming creative with the space allowed.

There are even mods for thing such as Post-Nuke or PHP-Nuke that will limit how many images are used per signature or how many signatures are viewed per page (i use only one allowed per thread in my website), but of course this isn't php-nuke and I have no idea if you have access to the files that make up this website or how much access if so. Still, its something to look into for the admin if they are interested in following up.

I find the images quite enjoyable as long as they are not HUGE, and even do not mind if they are repeated as that person posts again and again per thread. Although, given a choice, I would only want to see a signature image once per thread. Not only does that save on bandwidth and loading time for each image or isp hosting that image, but it saves on all the users reading the threads.

Hows mine btw? Hopefully within aproximate limits? I will have to make sure and maybe save it as a little bit lower quality though to keep the actual file size down.

Btw, if anyone has images they need a "little" bit of work on such as resizeing or combining into one image, feel free to email me.
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The file size issue is the most important. I am not all that picky on the 2x3 thing, at least lengthwise. It just gets annoying to have to scroll past a long signature picture after each post.
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Guilty party here. Will change it as soon as I can.
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EEP! Mine is 30.6!!

Edit: Ok I fixed!
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I don't get it... whenever I play with my signature, sometimes my ticker is right next to my pictures... other times it's right underneath. Is my sig okay? I don't want to be a pain!
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Just depends on how much spacing is between the items. I think the ticker should stay where it is. Otherwise, it starts to be too big, height-wise.
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Originally Posted by Deb25
Just depends on how much spacing is between the items. I think the ticker should stay where it is. Otherwise, it starts to be too big, height-wise.

I'm with ya - I want it next to my pictures but for some reason it moves sometimes. Hopefully it'll stay there.
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If anyone needs help creating a signature or wants to test or show off a signature, visit this thread:


I am more then happy to help and I am sure others are also.
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