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Too all the kitties whose threads were lost..

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Our sweet Angels,
There are so many of you up there at Rainbow Bridge... Everyone of us here misses you beyond words, and now that those words we wrote just for you are gone....know that doesn't make us love you any less. Every single one of you has someone left down here that only wants you back. We wrote here for comfort, to try to ease the pain of losing you, though no matter what we do, there are always little reminders that you are gone. We wrote to you, about you, for you so others could share in the love that we had... HAVE... just for you. You are all loved so much, and now these words we wrote just for you are now only another reminder that you are gone as they are too. Know that we would all give anything to have you home, happy, and healthy. We miss you.
So to all of you, sweet angels, your meowmy or daddy might write to you again, or maybe not, either way, please try to remember that you are always in our hearts, minds, even our souls. There are no words that will express that enough.
Until we meet you again, our love,
Those that were left behind~


Bear, I love you so VERY VERY much! We are all well down here, but even after all this time nothing is the same without you. I miss your purr, and that darling little face of yours. I miss telling you everything, things only you knew. I tell you all that in my thoughts now, can you hear them? I think you do... I still cry for you... I always will... You are still my best friend, NO ONE could ever replace you.
I Love You Beary Much! (hehe remember that?)
I can't wait to see you again
Love, your Mommy
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Just to add - another very quick RIP to my little Asha'man - mummy loves you baby - and now I have forgotten the awful pain of your loss and remember fondly all the beautiful times we shared.

RIP Asha
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Ashley and Hissy both you are an angels to post for everyone who lost threads. I can't imagine how devastating it would be. Like 9-11 without anything to remember, I cried when I read your words. I have spent the last 4 hours searching the world thru various search engines with every form of boullian logic I know to try and find any glimmer of past posts. MyRage got me started as she feels very strongly as you do everyone should be remembered.
Thank you sweet Ashley in Canada, and MaryAnne in the U.S. tonight.

I used to be unable to enter this room, very recently too. Now, it seems selfish and trite to think I can't because of my own grief.
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your post brought tears to my eyes Ash - what a beautiful thing for you to do
I cant write much right now as the thought of the overwhelming love from the members of TCS has brought tears to my eyes

RIP sweet angels - know you are forever in our hearts until we meet again
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Tears stream down my face for these precious babies who have gone to Heaven, and the people who adore them, left here on earth to mend their broken heart as they face life without their precious angels. This thread is beautiful, bless you.
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We will always have our babies so close within our hearts. All of our most precious threads will always be remembered. I know that without this site, I do not know how I ever would have made it through Trent's last few weeks. Bless you all for all that you are to me..

Dearest Angels whom are now in Kitty Heaven.. We love you with all our hearts.. Your spirit has never left and you are cherished so deeply within each and every one of us. There are no words to explain exactly how we feel.. It's pure love.. Pure Love..
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This is the frist time I've posted in the Rainbow Bridge forum, but it is time, now that we are rebuilding.

Sweet Kitties-

Your Mummies and Daddies love you so much, and miss you as well. They are waiting to meet you on the bridge when the time comes. They still remember every one of your sweet faces, and have memories of your lives. these memories were not all recorded here, and those that were did not disappear from their memories. They shared them here, and the memories that are no longer here to read, are remembered by all those who have read them. You are eternal in us, and remembered around the globe by people who have loved you, struggled with you, and fallen with you. As the sadness of your abscence leaves us, there is the joy of your living memory to cradle in our hearts. Simply remember that we ALL love you here.

Those that have lost-

You have all said what you could in this place, and shared your memories and emotion with us. We have tried to be your shoulder and your comfort in your times of need. We are all sorry that you have lost again. But, perhaps, as the words disappeared, the ones we love that are waiting for us, on the bridge, got to feel even more deeply all those words, and tears that you have shed over their passing. They do know your love, and your sorrow, and do still wait for you on the bridge, regardless of whether or not your words remain here. Take heart. If the desire arises to continue a thread for your lost kitties, do continue! However, if you cannot, simply know that you are loved in return, as wholly as you love your sweet kitties.

For those who have helped others on the road to healing-

I can only offer my thanks, and the hope that one day I can offer more to my fellow board members in their grief, as you have always done. The kitties who have passed would also thank you for helping their loved ones heal from their absence, I'm sure, if they could. You are all the unsung heroes of this forum. Remember that you, too are loved and cherished for all that you do.
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Denise, that was perfection. I know how hard it is to come here sometimes. I printed this out and put it in Freddie's and SiSi's things I collect for them in a envelope. Thank you~~~ I wish we had a rose emoticon, and I'm terrible at graphics, so here is a rose for you <ROSE>.
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I am grateful that I have not had to post the loss of any of my kittys since coming to TCS over the past year. I know that time will come and I know that I can come here and there will be understanding and support over the sad times. I read Crossing the Bridge with sadness and hope. The words expressed in this post and the many others will stay with me during the good and the bad times with my cats. Many of us cannot express how we feel and the words come out all wrong so to read the expressions of love that we all feel is a true comfort.
thank you.
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I'm in tears!

I've never had to visit the bridge yet and i hope i never have to for a long time!.

But when a member loses one of their babies i think we all feel that they have been taken from us as well?!

Rest in Peace Angels
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Dear Ashley, my thougths with you, R.I.P. Dear sweet kittie angels
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
But when a member loses one of their babies i think we all feel that they have been taken from us as well?!
"For none of us liveth to himself,
and no man dieth to himself.
For if we live, we live unto the Lord;
and if we die, we die unto the Lord.
Whether we live, therefore, or die, we are the Lord's."

All creation is deserving of celebration in life and sorrow after death. The passing of those creatures that touch our lives directly, whether close by or via cyber space, affect us all. In this forum we celebrate their lives and try to lessen the sorrow of their passing at the same time. And I feel that what we do and say here is not futile. We're doing good work for ourselves and for others. The best way we can honor the passing of our loved ones is simply to remember them with joy and thanksgiving. And although I have never officially posted the story of my own loss, I feel that I honor her memory by coming here and trying to find the right words at the right times for others as well as reading the loving thoughts posted by others.

Love thy neighbor.
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I would like to dedicate my post to all the TCS kitties that have left our lifes physically over the last six months. You will always remain in our hearts!
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